Wrong Turn: How Old The Cannibal Brothers Are In The Movies


The Wrong Turn movies primarily focus on a family of inbred cannibals as the franchise’s primary antagonists, but since the timeline for all six films is somewhat tricky, it’s difficult to suss out how old the brothers are.

The first Wrong Turn movie was released theatrically in 2003. Eventually, it got a sequel—Wrong Turn 2: Dead Endin 2007. The sequel showed at a couple film festivals, but was primarily released direct to video. Every other movie after the original movie’s sequel went straight to video as well, and the franchise has developed a solid following throughout the years, despite significant time lapses between movies. Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort released in 2014. In 2018, a seventh Wrong Turn movie—subtitled The Foundation—was announced. Though much is uncertain regarding movie releases due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Wrong Turn 7 has been slated for a 2020 release. Likely, it will go direct to video like the other movies, but as of this writing, remains unknown.

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Wrong Turn has always been marked by high body counts, excessive violence, and as the franchise wore on, more graphic sexual content. While the victims from each movie are essentially expendable, as very few people actually survive in Wrong Turn movies, the more interesting elements stem from the continued story of the cannibal family who hunt and kill the unlucky travels who inevitably end up stranded somewhere in the West Virginia wilderness to become the brothers’ prey. Three Finger is the main antagonist, and the only one of the cannibals to appear in all six movies. However, he is most often flanked by his brothers Saw Tooth and One Eye. Though they both got killed in Wrong Turn (2003), future installments went back in the timeline to the origin story—this is how one can determine the brothers’ ages throughout the franchise.

How Old The Cannibal Brothers Are In The Wrong Turn Movies

Wrong Turn - Actors Who Played Three-Finger

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings serves as a prequel to the other movies. The following film, Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines, was meant to follow it directly and lead into the original Wrong Turn movie. After that, Wrong Turn 2 and Wrong Turn 3 were chronological, and Wrong Turn 6 was disconnected from the original movie timeline and canon, only taking Three Finger’s character to keep the cannibals’ legacy alive, though it introduced a different cannibal family, of sorts, and focused around Danny, who realized the cannibals were his long-lost family.

In Wrong Turn 4, it’s revealed that all three brothers are a year apart. The oldest, Saw Tooth, was born in 1964. One Eye was born in 1965, and Three Finger was born in 1966. Wrong Turn 4 starts with the three brothers as children at the Glensville Sanatorium in West Virginia. At the time of the flashback, Saw Tooth was 10, One Eye was 9, and Three Finger was 8. The movie flashes forward to 2003, which would make Saw Tooth 39, One Eye 38, and Three Finger 37. Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines takes place right after the prequel, so it’s likely they are the same age. Wrong Turn 5 leads into the original Wrong Turn, so it’s possible they’ve aged only a few months to a year, at most.

As the next Wrong Turn movie seems to be a reboot, it’s entirely possible none of the original cannibal family will return, but for movies that don’t rely as much on story as they do on bloodshed, those involved with the first six movies took the time and effort to create somewhat of a cohesive history and timeline.

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