Armin van Buuren Warns of the “Dark Side” of DJing, Stresses Importance of Mental Health


Armin van Buuren may be one of the leading DJs in the world, but he has experienced firsthand the ups and downs of the profession just as his peers have.

In a recent interview, he warns of the “dark side” of DJing. “I’m really thankful for the life I lead…” he told talkshow Jinek. “But there is a dark side that we are beginning to see more of.”

As we saw play out in Avicii: True Stories, the “obsessive” touring and lifestyle of a DJ can certainly take a toll on mental health. Armin recently introduced his own documentary series, during which he opens up about his own musical journey.

Armin also said (roughly translated), “Everyone puts on a brave face and says it’s going fine, but then you hear through the grapevine that they are actually seeing a coach or psychologist.” Which isn’t a negative thing, by the way.

It’s important for the music industry and those in it to continue to value mental health. It’s also vital that artists on the road are honest about the personal issues facing them and that they seek support when necessary.

Watch the Dutch interview here.

Sources: NOS, Dutch News | Photo via

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