Did Excision Just Confirm A Lost Lands Virtual Festival This Fall?


We’ve had two weekends of Couch Lands this year in lieu of Lost Lands, which has been postponed until 2021 due to COVID-19 like all the rest. However, it doesn’t appear that we’re completely out of the festival, yet.

SWARM, who should’ve been a shoo-in for Lost Lands this year, posted a creative and hilarious video asking to be on the next edition of Couch Lands. Excision’s reply, however, indicated something bigger: “Xmas is coming early for you this year SWARM, we have a pretty big weekend coming this Fall ;)”

Sooooo… that’s Lost Lands, right?

It makes sense that Excision would try to host a virtual festival the same weekend as the original, just as EDC did back in May. Whether it will conform to the format of Couch Lands or be even bigger is another question (just kidding, we know it’s going to be bigger).

Still, right now, this is just speculation but at the same time… c’mon.

Photo via DI.Visuals for Lost Lands

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