Dillon Francis Drops VIP Remix for Collab with Evie Irie, “Be Somebody” [LISTEN]


Dillon Francis serves up a driving VIP remix for his recent collab with Evie Irie, “Be Somebody.”

The new house remix gives “Be Somebody” an uplifting boost, with happy synths and piano chords completing the song’s melodics, which feel just like a warm hug. Meanwhile, Evie paints a picture of breaking out and being somebody — something most of us can relate to in some way.

Dillon previously shared of the release: “‘Be Somebody’ is an ode to all the people that told me I was just a class clown and wasn’t gonna make it.”

It’s almost impossible to not have an affinity for Dillon and his feel-good records such as this one. Just add it to his long list of mood-boosters to bring us out of this 2020 funk.

The pack also includes remixes from XIE and Moodshift. Listen below!

Dillon Francis – Be Somebody with Evie Irie (VIP Remix)

Stream/download: https://besomebody.lnk.to/RemixesTw

Photo via Rukes.com

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