Disco Donnie Drive-In Featuring Subtronics Shut Down for Unknown Reasons


Disco Donnie’s drive-in event No Parking on the Dance Floor Houston featuring Subtronics was shut down before it ever got off his feet — but the reason why has yet to be made public.

The live show, also featuring HE$H and Level Up, was set to take place last night at The Showboat Drive-In located in Hockley, Texas, Saturday, August 1, 2020. However, police shut it down and the reason why remains unclear.

The Festive Owl cites social distancing and mask concerns as primary reasons for the shutdown, but Disco Donnie insists that wasn’t the case. Although the promoter has released an official statement, only the broad term “unforeseen circumstances” has been provided — and, to be honest, the fans deserve more.

Drive-in shows have popped up amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, but it doesn’t seem anyone has figured out how to do it right yet. This may be a trial and error ordeal, or maybe it would be best if we as an EDM community stick to staying home for now. What do you think?

Here’s all we know on the Disco Donnie cancellation so far…

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