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Jenni Rivera, “Misión Cumplida” (Jenni Rivera Enterprises/Sony Music Latin)


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See latest videos, charts and news

The song was written in 2008 by Jenni Rivera but it isn’t until now that fans can listen to “Misión Cumplida,” one of the last songs penned by Rivera before her untimely death in 2012. Produced by Sergio Lizárraga, the track is a quintessential Jenni Rivera song. A Sinaloan banda at its core, “Misión” finds an emotional Jenni who sings about falling head over heels for someone who she had rejected in the past. “My mom was very picky with musical arrangements,” Johnny Rivera, said of why Lizárraga was the perfect hitmaker to helm his mother’s project. “She loved la banda sinolasense and Sergio’s a master of that. He was able to maintain her essence not only in her voice but also in the music.” The song is part of Rivera’s forthcoming album, set to be released before end of the year. — GRISELDA FLORES

Paulo Londra feat. Feid, “A Veces” (Warner Music Latina)

Paulo Londra has been releasing new music left and right since his comeback earlier this year. Following eight singles, including collaborations with Ed Sheeran and Duki, the Argentine artist presents “A Veces,” for which he reels in Colombian artist Feid. A surprising yet much-needed collaboration, the single meshes Londra’s dulcet, raspy vocals with Feid’s Medallo swagger, bringing to life lyrics about a man who’s unsure of his relationship status with the girl he’s dating. “Sometimes you ask me to stay until the morning/ Other times I call and you disappear,” says the chorus. A music video shot by Ballve oozes the bromance between Londra and Ferxxo in the studio. — JESSICA ROIZ

Mora, PARAISO (Rimas Entertainment)

If paradise was indulging our forbidden dreams and setting off into nights of revelry and excess, then we’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the unabashed EDM-laden euphoria of PARAISO, Mora’s third full-length album, where the Puerto Rican provocateur explores the different facets of pleasure. Mora unleashes his wanderlust and steers further away from reggaetón reliance, while never quite abandoning the formidable rhythm. Instead, he invites spectators to enter a world of ecstasy against hard-hitting electronic music galore.

Although Mora mostly shines on his own, he invites a few peers. He teams up with Spanish rapper Quevedo on “Apa’,’ where they turn on their location for their debaucherous encounters; gets lusty with upcoming singer paopao; and journeys to Ibiza with Danny Ocean on “Eivissa,” over minimal techno beats. Hypnotic synthwave (“Malafama”) and chill Afro beats (“Como Has Estau?”) make delightful appearances. As if releasing two full-length albums this year (coupled with a Bad Bunny cosign) wasn’t enough, the rising and flirtatious star is sure set on amplifying the demanding and dominating sounds of música urbana, while reimagining the promised land where temptations are embraced. — ISABELA RAYGOZA

Thalía, “Psycho B**ch” (Sony Music Latin)

Thalía shows her playful and irreverent side in her new pop single, “Psycho B**ch” (Sony Music Entertainment.) With a catchy beat, a short rap segment, and a chorus that goes “Oops I warned you / I’m a bit hit or miss / Half psycho bitch / Psy Psyco Bitch / Oops what’s up here? / How do you control me when you have me like this / I’m crazy, I’m crazy”, the English-sprinkled Spanish song will surely make you dance. Its music video shows the Mexican star in a disco club setting, complete with mirror balls and neon lights, accompanied by a group of dancers. — SIGAL RATNER-ARIAS

Paola Jara, “Ve y Dile” (YT Rocket)

In Sin Ti (Without You), a three-track EP, Paola Jara narrates the emotions after a heartbreak. The set opens with the original single “Ve y Dile,” produced by Ricardo Torres, where the Colombian artist has a deep conversation with the moon. “With tearyed-eyes and looking at the sky, I asked the moon about your whereabouts,” she sings backed by a live mariachi. “Tell him that he took my soul/ Tell him that he took my peace/ Tell him that he took my desire to love again,” she continues in the chorus. In the other two tracks, Jara performs a pair covers: a Caribbean-cumbia fusion for “Después de Ti” by Alejandro Lerner, and a ranchera version of Vanessa Martí’s “No Te Puedo Retener.” — J.R.

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