Maliboux Drops Hyper Dancey Remix Of Zedd’s “Inside Out” feat Griff


Our 40 Artists To Watch are already reinforcing our choices with new, lively tracks that make us remember why we fell in love with dance music in the first place. Jinx recently dropped a new dubstep banger, and now Maliboux is here with a winning remix submission for Zedd’s “Inside Out” featuring Griff!

The original reflects Zedd’s transition to the pop realm, with soft chords and melodies and an instantly catchy topline. Maliboux’s take on the track brings it to the next level with some subtly chopped vocals-turned-into-melody and a super dancey rhythm that turns this from radio hit to dance floor bop.

Listen to the other remixes from 3SCAPE DRM and Dominuscreed here, and check out the Maliboux remix and original below!

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