Mark Rylance and Trudie Styler on Spark Hunter: Podcast

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Actor Mark Rylance and director/activist Trudie Styler sit down with Kyle Meredith to talk about Spark Hunter. The new audio drama from Realm centers on the world’s most advanced AI having dinner with her maker over a philosophical discussion to determine if she represents a new hope for the world — or its destruction.

The two discuss how the Dalai Lama brought them together, what it means to have standing inside the laws of nature; and how the spy-drama digs into othering, racism, empathy, and evolution. Rylance, known for starring roles in films liken Ready Player One and Don’t Look Up, and Styler also consider if we’ll ever see singularity or if robots should even aspire to be more human, especially considering folks like Elon Musk and his actions.

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