Martin Garrix Gets Real About DJ Mag Top 100 Rankings Ahead Of This Year’s Ceremonies


This year’s DJ Mag Top 100 ceremony is quickly approaching as next week’s Amsterdam Music Festival draws closer. But does the current #1 DJ in the world care about it? Martin Garrix gets real in a new interview with Dutch publication Het Parool ahead of the ceremonies.

The “interview” was more along the lines of feeding Martin Garrix topics and letting him answer at his own pace. Other topics included his hometown of Amstelveen, collecting postage stamps, and his breakout hit “Animals.” By the time it came to talk about being #1, here’s what he had to say:

“I really don’t care, the so-called world ranking. I don’t need a list to do what I like. I am at 1, yes. And Tiësto is very many places below me. That doesn’t make sense, does it? I started playing music through him. I am not a better DJ than him, maybe now I just have a bit more hype around me. By the way, there are also people in that list from whom I have never heard of, so I have my doubts about the creation.

“In any case, I have never made a call to vote for me and I will never do so. Whether that list should be abolished? I can, but he will continue. Particularly in Asia, great importance is attached to it. But the only thing that really matters is how many tickets you sell and whether you make people happy.”

DJ Mag Top 100 will reveal the ranking for 2019 in a week’s time, October 19, in Amsterdam. Stay tuned!

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