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P!nk, plenty busy promoting her own new album this month, took a moment to give props to a number of fellow pop stars in a recent interview — naming Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish and SZA as artists who are “changing the game.”


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See latest videos, charts and news

In a clip shared by Z100 New York earlier this week, P!nk spoke of how she’s honed her own lane in music and spoke highly of younger female music stars who are doing the same.

“I put my head down, I perfect my craft, I stay out of everybody else’s lane and I stay in my line. And now I own that lane, that’s my lane,” P!nk said. “For other people: It’s like, don’t worry about if your song is going to fit into radio format — I guess for other singers.”

She continued, “It’s like, just find the thing about that is you. It’s like Dr. Seuss: No one else can be you-er than you. Do you. Do you ‘cause no one else can do that. And craft real songs that people aren’t gonna forget.”

“I think that’s what Olivia Rodrigo is doing,” P!nk pointed out, revealing that her 11-year-old is a big fan: “That’s why I love that Willow loves her so much … She’s writing her own songs, she’s so good at it, she’s fronting an almost all-female band, she’s singing her a– off. She was like what, 17, 18, writing those songs? I’m so proud of the girls out. There’s so many bada– girls out that are changing the game. Billie Eilish, SZA — changing the game and I love it. I’m here for it.”

P!nk released her ninth studio album, Trustfall, via RCA Records on Feb. 17.

Watch the clip from Z100 and check out the full interview below.

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