[PREMIERE] Oolacile Brings Future Riddim Flavor On Official Remix Of Kompany’s “Feel It All”


Kompany dropped the melodic and heavy “Feel It All” back in August last year, and now it’s getting some choice remixes. Among them is Halcyon founder Oolacile, who brings his own future riddim style to the mix in this impressive remix.

The biggest change is obviously in the drop, as Oolacile tweaks the first melodic drop with more of a shimmering synth palate and future riddim style drums. The changes have an almost calming effect on the overall vibe of the drop, whereas the second drop, originally heavy, is turned into a stunning, almost pseudo-liquid drum & bass section.

There are so many different vibes and flavors in the remix, this one is definitely going to be a fan favorite. Check it out below!

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