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Talk about turning an L into a W. After Team Niall’s Jerome Goodwin III and Talia Smith dueled it out on stage during the final night of Battle Rounds on The Voice on Tuesday night (April 5), the newbie coach had to make a very hard decision about who did Sam Smith’s “Like I Can” justice, with Smith shocked the world with her breaking news.

Kelly Clarkson was impressed with Godwin’s control, as well as Smith’s range and capability. “I could not take my eyes off of you,” she said. And though it wasn’t her tough choice to make, Clarkson said she was going to be “bummed to see either one of you go.” Coach Horan admitted there were “some pitch issues across the board” before saying Godwin won the day with his “composure.”

Smith took the elimination in stride, though, because she had her own wild card to reveal. “This whole journey started with a sad story and now I’m standing here and my whole life has changed, so I’m just grateful,” she said. “Thank you for the opportunity, I’m just happy to be here.”

Then, patting her belly, she added, “I want my future baby to look onstage and be like, ‘That was my mommy!’”

Mother of two Clarkson was gobsmacked by the Beyoncé-like baby bump reveal . “Did she just say baby?” she asked Horan, who jumped up to hug Smith. “Oh my God, that’s incredible!” Speaking to camera after the elimination, Horan called Smith “such a lovely lady, and an amazing singer,” adding, “I’m sad to see her go.”

Season 23’s next episode, “Best of the Blinds, Battles and Blake,” will air on Monday (April 10).

Check out the video of the blessed moment below.

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