Tesla’s New Cybertruck Will Come With Camper Mode, So Prepare To See It At Coachella & Burning Man


Apart from Baby Yoda and lie to your kids, the newly unveiled Tesla Cybertruck has been one of the biggest memes of the past week. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to sell like hotcakes once its finally released, especially when you can pre-order one right now with a (fully refundable) down payment of just $100.

One neat feature, however, that will have camping — and festival — enthusiasts humming is an apparent camper mode. Twitter user @mithunoorath asked if the Cybertruck’s “camper mode” would be an accessory to purchase, and Elon replied with a simple “Yes.”

The photo below is just an apparent rendering and might not reflect the real life camper mode when it’s released. That being said, the possibility for such a feature will have hoards of festival glampers lining up to achieve their perfect Coachella or Burning Man experience in style and comfort.

To make the vehicle even more enticing (especially to the Burning Man group), adding a solar panel to the roof will eventually be an option, adding “15 miles per day, possibly more.” Not to mention powering any kind of portable electronics that might need a basic charge.

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