The Killers “Unable to Find Any Corroboration” in Touring Crew Sexual Misconduct Investigation


The Legal Team were unable to find any corroboration whatsoever of a sexual assault at the Milwaukee venue. They request that if there is anyone with corroborating information of an event as described in the allegation to please contact them. Privacy will be respected.

It was ascertained that The Killers very frequently have women working with them in various roles, including on the 2009 tour. Specific to the 2009 tour, some of the touring crew recalled that vulgar language was sometimes used and that crass jokes were made and perpetuated on occasion. They asserted that this behavior could be attributed to a small faction of crew and not the entire production. Multiple current crew members stated that crude language of this type is now extremely rare. Tour Management stated that they have become increasingly vigilant on this front over the years and provided documentation verifying that aggressive or derogatory language by crew results in dismissal. Tour Management and band members recognize that sexual language can be weaponized to make women feel unsafe in a predominantly male environment. They consider continued vigilance on this issue to be their responsibility.

The Killers and their team are committed to a safe and inclusive space for everyone whilst on the road. While many third party vendor crew cycle in and out from tour to tour, most of the band’s current core touring crew have been with them for over a decade and each stated these allegations are completely unrecognizable to their working environment. Band and crew asserted that the behavior attributed to them in these allegations is in direct opposition to their principles and would not be tolerated by anyone on their team. The band and Tour Management expressed great regret that the experience of the temporary female audio technician had not been brought to their attention during the short run she was with them, or indeed at any time in the eleven years since, in order that they may have dealt with these issues immediately and addressed any questions or concerns she had about the band and crew’s conduct.

Due to these allegations, and the very clear belief that this temporary crew member felt she had nowhere to turn with her concerns at the time, The Killers plan to take immediate action for future tours. The band believe there should always be an easy way to report a situation that is concerning to anyone on the road with them, no matter their status or how briefly they are joining for. They expressed regret that the temporary crew member was made to feel unsafe and bullied during her brief time with the band and understand that it is not always feasible for touring crew to raise concerns with their immediate superiors.

The workings of a large scale tour involve many people, including frequently rotating vendor crew who have no contact with Tour Management. Typically there is no formal HR structure on any tour, however large scale, and all crew are managed by their immediate superior or Department Team Leader. All road crew and vendors are given an eTourbook/Itinerary with contact numbers for the entire touring party – including Tour Management, Band Management, Booking Agent and local Promoters. The Killers have directed their team to establish a new system wherein the entire touring party are furnished with an off-site independent HR contact to call to report concerns of any nature, anonymously if they wish. This telephone number will be available to everyone traveling with the band, staff or independent vendor. This number will also be displayed in the Production Office at their shows. All concerns will be dealt with swiftly by band management.

The Killers would like to take this opportunity to assure their fans – and the families of their current crew – that their tours are a safe, familial and professional working environment. They extend their thanks to crew past and present, as well as all other witnesses, for providing swift testimony to their Legal Team.

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