Your EDM Guest Mix: Annix Celebrate Their New Single ‘I Like To’ on Crucast


That subtitle isn’t just posturing; while jump up continues to be a a heavily debated topic among D&B fans, Annix, who are categorically and unabashedly jump up, just keep making beats that everyone can get behing. From tech heads to neuro freaks to melodic lovers, everyone loves a bit of Annix and if you listen to any of their tracks or sets, it’s easy to see why. Technically damn near perfect, the duo from just outside of Bristol also know how to keep the dancefloor lit with their high-energy, tech-based beats. Now having released their newest track “I Like To” on the equally vibey Crucast to make some seriously steppy supervibes.

Just coming over their recent and, some would say, seminal Tunnel Vision LP on Playaz, it seems with “I Like To” that Annix wanted to do something a little different. A little lighter in tone than most of the tracks on Tunnel Vision, “I Like To” has a classic rave vibe, created with some mysterious techno-style vocals over a fast techno beat at the intervals. Said techno beat surprisingly mixes into not the original thumping jump up beat from the beginning but an ameny, snare-based beat that cools things down but is also very difficult to do; techno and jump up match up much easier than techno and jungle-inspired liquid.

That’s the beauty of Annix; they can do it all and they can do it one track. “I Like To” is so well done that it’s ostensibly its own mix; a DJ playing it could seriously just put it on and take a break because the mixdown is so tight. Not that it needs selling, but “I Like To” is a definite must-cop.

Now on to the mix. Those who have never heard and Annix mix before, you’re in for a treat. It’s party vibes all the way, so move the furniture when listening. Starting out with a heavy, techy selection from Tunnel Vision, the mix pulls no punches right out of the gate. It moves and flows just like a club mix; it’s smooth and perfectly timed but every drop of a new track will kick the crowd into high gear, even if that crowd is at home.

If there’s one lesson to take away from this mix today, it’s always listen to Annix mixes, especially if you’re missing raves. They will transform your living room, car, empty field, anywhere into a stomping party. The subgenre-defying duo always know how to bring the party up and both this mix and “I Like To” prove this fact once again.

“I Like To” is out now on Crucast. Click here to stream or buy on multiple platforms.

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