24 Self-Care Gift Ideas For Everyone on Your List


Because we’ve never been more in need of a little comfort and joy

It’s hard to imagine what anyone wants, let alone needs this year. Everything we’re collectively pining for—a vaccine! a vacation!—can’t simply be *added to cart*. But there are things we can do for each other while we wait, ever more patiently, for things to return to “normal,” whatever that’s going to look like. At the risk of over-sentimentalizing (hey, ’tis the season, OK?), the best gifts we can give each other after this hellfire of a year are some empathy, a helping hand when we’re able, and a reminder that we’re there for each other—even when we’re apart.

With that in mind, we set out to find some tangible stand-ins for the suffocating bear hugs we truly wish we could give, items that will soothe weary spirits and warm heavy hearts. From cozy loungewear to mood-lifting scents to inspiring reads and more, here are two dozen self-care themed gifts for everyone on your list.

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