Donald Trump’s Bright Orange Face Unsurprisingly Inspired All These Memes


President Trump And First Lady Melania Depart White House For Florida

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On Friday, William Moon, who posts photos of Donald Trump on the account @photowhitehouse, added a photo of the president that captured peoples’ attention pretty fast. The photo, of the president walking across the South Lawn after he returned from Charlotte, North Carolina, shows his face looking very. . .orange. It didn’t take long for this simple photo to become a trending meme all over Twitter.

Just scroll through the replies to Moon’s initial tweet, and you’ll find some real winners.

There’s the “Wilson!” take

There’s also “Golden Face” from The Office

If someone didn’t do this, then what is the internet even for?

For some reason, this one really inspires a good, solid laugh

Since he became president more than three years ago, Trump has fueled the meme community with countless opportunities. There was the “covfefe” meme of May 2017—when the president clearly meant to write “negative press coverage” and instead made up a new word in a tweet. This one wasn’t necessarily a meme, but Hillary Clinton trolled Trump hard with her response to “covfefe.”

In October 2018, Trump boarded Air Force One with what appeared to be toilet paper stuck to his shoe. BuzzFeed reporter Claudia Koerner originally tweeted the shot, and the responses took off.

Sometimes, you don’t even need a meme to get a point across.

Oh, and just in case you think there is one version of the bright-orange-face photo, it also comes in black and white.

Somehow, that doesn’t make the effects any more subtle.

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