Issa Gets Her Groove Back in the New Insecure Season 4 Teaser


At the end of Insecure season 2, we saw Issa at her lowest as she plopped down on Daniel’s couch—the longtime friend with whom she cheated on Lawrence (Jay Ellis)—after moving out of the apartment she once shared with her ex. Season 3 ended with Issa finally moving with a sense of clarity and taking complete control of her life (while finally unpacking her apartment). But in the teaser for the upcoming fourth season, Issa is back with a new mentality, in her new apartment, with her new—and much bigger—Mirror Bitch.

“It’s time to level up, ho, call me elevated/Not worried about no bullshit, not worried about no haters,” she tells Mirror Bitch in the clip, switching between outfits as she prepares for her mixer. Has her block party idea finally come to fruition? She’s confident, self-assured, and seemingly ready to conquer her day—until her skirt rips. But no ill-fitting skirt will ruin Issa’s new attitude. “Ass getting fat,” she tells herself in the mirror. Last we saw of Issa, she was driving Lyft in between planning her block party, entering the dating world, dealing with friendship drama, and job hunting.

Thankfully, we’ll be able to dust-off our #LawrenceHive (or #NathanHive) shirts and catch up with our favorite 30-something and her antics sooner than later: Issa—and Mirror Bitch—will return to our screens on April 12 on HBO.

Stream Insecure season 3 now on HBO.

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