My Airpod Case Is the New Sleeper Hit of My Closet



AirPods with Wireless Charging Case



There are two types of people in this world: 1) those who love, maybe even own, AirPods, and 2) liars. The piece of technology has created a schism in society between the haves and the have nots, and as a expected caused a Twitter shit storm in the process. The world ridiculed AirPods users and they, in turn, didn’t care. No, they just posted memes about how rich and spicy they were (and as I’ve established, appeared exponentially hotter.)

Despite having lost a singular AirPod to the mean streets of New York City (the epidemic is turning into a half-billion dollar revenue stream for replacement parts only), I’m still drinking the Apple-flavored Kool-Aid. And just in case no one noticed how fancy I am, I made it abundantly clear by safeguarding my pods with the gaudiest case on the market. Surprisingly enough, this aggressively rhinestoned shell has garnered the most compliments I’ve ever received (since my braces came off in high school) and it only costs $11 on Amazon. I’ve gotten positive reactions from the guy who scans my ID at the gym, fellow fashion editors during New York Fashion Week, and a stranger who asked me for a shopping link while I waited in line to buy Popeye’s fried chicken sandwich (something I’d also highly recommend).


Rhinestone AirPods Case



Much like the word ‘lit,’ I started using the case as a joke, and eventually it lost its irony and I now carry it proudly. I fully embrace its blinginess, mostly because it’s so much easier to find in the depths of my bag, but fair warning— the lid doesn’t open as wide due to the heavy crystallization, so it’s slightly more difficult to place your buds in and out of the case. A small sacrifice to make if you desire maximum peacocking, though, which is what owning AirPods is all about.

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