Sad Girl Fall Is the Best Time to Be Cold, Cozy and Honestly a Little Mis



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I know, I know. It’s technically still Hot Girl Summer. You’ve spent the past few months living your best life, wearing Euphoria makeup, and challenging your knees with Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Hot Girl Summer’ anthem. You’ve done all the beach trips and drank at all the rooftop bars. You found yourself a summer fling or you’ve been living it up single. Believe me, I get it—why would you want Hot Girl Summer to end? But…

May I humbly suggest: Sad Girl Fall.

I will first make my case for Sad Girl Fall with a tweet that’s gone viral on Instagram.

Simply put, fall is peak time for being cold, cozy, and sad. The temperatures are dropping, the days are getting shorter. Before you know it, it’s 6 P.M. and dark outside. When you’re sad, all you want to do is cuddle up in a blanket and sleep. In the fall, all you want to do is cuddle up in a blanket and sleep. Are you starting to see the correlation? We’re more than halfway through the year and we’re tired.

What is a Sad Girl?

This is not to be confused: A Sad Girl is not the opposite of her predecessor, the Hot Girl. Instead, think of the Sad Girl as her cozy, moody sister. In Sad Girl Fall, we’re subtweeting instead of sliding into DMs. We’re swapping out bodysuits for cable-knit sweaters and trading Aperol Spritz’s for chai tea. A sad girl is still very much That Bitch™ in the same way a Hot Girl is. She’s just cold and a bit over it.

Wait, why are we sad again?

There are so many things to choose from! Sad that the world is on fire, literally and figuratively. Sad that summer is over. Sad it’s getting cold out. Sad it’s cuffing season and you’re still single. Sad your summer fling has ended. Sad the year is pretty much over. The possibilities are endless!

Fall also marks the start of the holiday season, which means more time with family. For some, that’s a good thing—love that for you! But for others, it means more time with toxic relatives, bad takes at the dinner table, and stress.

Then, of course, there’s the annual end of the year existential crisis. “Another year over / And what have you done?” John Lennon sings on the popular Christmas song Happy Xmas (War is Over). What have I done? Why is this Christmas song attacking me? Let me be sad in peace!

On a positive note: It’s time to really start dressin’.

Oversized coats! Giant scarves! Festive hats! Fall is the season to step up your fashion game, as evidenced by the “really start dressin'” meme that took over the Internet last year:

Lenny Kravitz, giant scarf-wearing icon and face of the RSD movement, knows that Sad Girl Fall is all about serving LEWKS.

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