Say Goodbye: These 2019 Trends Won’t Make It Into the Next Decade


2020 Fashion Trends

If the fashion world taught us anything in 2019, it’s that anything goes. The days of being a slave to seasonal trends are O-V-E-R and we’re finally free to dress as we please.

Case in point: Harry Styles, the posterchild for the wear-what-you-want liberation. Over the past 12 months, the 25-year-old singer’s wardrobe choices have included a pink tutu, a veritable rainbow of suits (printed and plain and primarily Gucci) and a Lanvin vest knitted with sheep that earned him comparisons to Princess Diana.

But like Harry’s transformation from teeny-bopper heartthrob into style supernova, fashion is all about evolution. There were a few pieces that hit the saturation mark this year that we’re ready to press pause on—for now, because we all know that they’ll be back en vogue before long.


The adorable barrette went from soft-girl accessory to mainstream must-have this year, adding some sparkle and pizzazz to heads around the world. With such a visibly high-profile (they’re literally at eye level), these little girl clips got old fast, and we’re ready to find a new way to keep our hair out of our eyes next year.

2020 trend to try instead: Statement bows

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Leopard Print

Blame Realisation Par’s irresistibly sexy slip-style skirt: We were powerless against leopard print this year. Personally, we can’t get enough of the safari staple, which is a neutral in our books. But when you spot (pun intended!) your favourite feline statement-maker on racks on racks on racks at the mall, it’s time to try on a new safari print.

2020 trend to try instead: Zebra print

Chunky Sneakers

When the ongoing 1990s revival is showing no signs of slowing down, nothing is sacred. This year, chunky sneakers were no exception. The statement shoe stomped its way to the top with releases from brands like Fila, Sketchers and even Gucci. If you’re old enough to remember Jenny McCarthy’s Candies ads, then the thought of wearing a super chunky sneaker is enough to make you queasy. Paying four figures for a designer take on the trend? Positively nauseating.

2020 trend to try instead: Chunky platforms

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Boiler Suits

What’s not to love about a boiler suit? These workwear-inspired onesies are figure flattering, easy to wear, a no-brainer to style and extremely comfortable, making them a win-win for functional fashun. When your entire squad rolls up to brunch in jumpsuits, however, this standout piece starts to feel a bit uniform.

2020 trend to try instead: A matching suit

Bike Shorts

It was only a matter of time before the activewear trend made bike shorts cool again. And what better way to style them than with an oversized blazer? This unlikely combo was a runaway hit in 2019, channeling a certain fit-meets-glam lifestyle evocative of the OG supermodel. Despite its brazen leg baring, however, this is one trend that truly doesn’t have legs.

2020 trend to try instead: Retro running shorts

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Crop Tops

You’ve got to hand it to the crop top: This trend has proven to have major staying power. Whether long sleeved, strapless, halter or a tee, it’s one style that’s not for the faint of heart. In 2020, we’re challenging bellybarers to take their crops to new heights. In this case, go small or go home with a structured bra top and jacket à la Sue Ellen Mischke. The Seinfeld character is next season’s most underrated fashion muse—you heard it here first.

2020 trend to try instead: A bra top

Prairie Dresses

What started out as a major runway moment was quickly escalated en masse, climaxing with Zara’s blockbuster polka dot dress and the ensuing Instagram tribute accounts. Ever forgiving and incredibly feminine, the prairie dress is one of the most useful fashion pieces you can have. With so much confusion and chaos overtaking the news in 2019, it’s easy to see why we were all went wild for the lewks of a simpler time best described by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Next year, we’re ready for a little more polish.

2020 trend to try instead: Puff sleeves

Tiny Bags

French designer Simon Jacquemus sparked a collective awwww immediately followed by a #WhyTho with the release of his Mini Le Chiquito in March, a teeny tiny handbag that had room for literally nothing. The petite purse was not only impractical, sparking memes speculating what could fit inside its miniscule frame (my patience, for example), it was also expensive, clocking in at about US $260. Downsizing is usually a good thing, and we applaud Jacquemus for taking the trend to its most absurd conclusion. But with that, we’re ready for something with a little more real estate.

2020 trend to try instead: Anything else that actually holds your essentials

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