Schitt’s Creek Actor Dustin Milligan Debuted His Drag Queen Look on Secret Celebrity Drag Race


I first fell in love with Dustin Milligan when he was charming us as the sweet, probably too understanding Ted Mullens on Schitt’s Creek. Ted’s empathic, caring personality was the perfect foil to Alexis’s sometimes materialistic and shallow look at the world (there are a million reasons to love her—don’t get me wrong!). But this man truly charmed my drag-loving heart in this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race, where he appeared as his character “Rachel McAdamsapple.”

For the episode, the third of a four episode season, Milligan was mentored by RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11’s Miss Congeniality, Nina West. In an interview for the show, Milligan said being on Drag Race changed his life and the way he saw himself.

“I started to find this thing inside of me that I always hoped was there,” he said. “It means a lot to me. I’m very grateful.

The show, which, I’d argue, we very much need right now, features three celebrities every week. Mulligan was joined by comedian Matt Iseman, who appeared as “Bette Bordeaux,” and Glee alum and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist star Alex Newell. Iseman was mentored by Kim Chi, and Newell partnered with Bob the Drag Queen to portray “Madam That Bitch.”

“Rachel McAdamsapple is serving elegance. It’s sexy, and when I look like this, when I feel like this, it’s empowering,” Milligan said, after he walked the runway in drag.

Here’s an idea for Schitt’s Creek creator, Dan Levy: Please bring back the show for one episode, so we can have a drag show. We all know Moira would hook Ted up with some stunning wigs.

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