5 Key Moments From Part 2 (RECAP)

San Diego Reunion, Part 2

Season 15 • Episode 19

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 15, Episode 19, “San Diego Reunion, Part 2.”]

Married at First Sight’s Season 15 cast members are getting ready to say goodbye as they near the end of their run with the show.

While they look ahead to the “Where Are They Now Special?” reunion host Kevin Frazier is keeping things interesting by getting the experts, Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Cal Roberson involved in the drama. Below, we’re breaking down all the key moments from Part 2 of the San Diego cast reunion and beware of spoilers ahead.

Alexis & Justin’s Drama

'Married at First Sight's Alexis

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The session with Alexis and Justin picks up where Part 1 of the reunion left off as they’re arguing over the status of their relationship. He argues that she came onto him one evening after she was coming back from a bar. Alexis denies this, and the tension begins reaching intense heights until Kevin brings the former spouses’ siblings out.

Alexis’s sister discusses how communication styles ultimately broke the relationship down, and Justin’s brother admits he doesn’t think his sibling was ready for marriage, making the unhappy ending unsurprising. While Justin claims he’s still healing from their breakup and isn’t dating, he does reveal that he got his dog Mya back since giving her to a friend earlier in the season. As for Alexis, she’s creating art and open to attention, but not necessarily seeking it.


'Married at First Sight's Alexis and Krysten in Season 15

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The women sit down for a group chat with Kevin, opening up about their experience as newlywed women including Alexis and Morgan’s connection, and how it helped lead to the end of the latter’s marriage with Binh. Alexis clears the air, stating that Morgan came to her to vent, and it’s then that she revealed Justin had been talking to Binh behind her back. Ultimately, these ladies felt supported by each other including when Lindy was struggling with Miguel and with Stacia’s frustrations over Nate’s love scale. There’s nothing but good vibes among these women.


'Married at First Sight' Season 15 men

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As for the men, it’s a bit of a different story. There’s tension in the air as most of the men agree they hang out together. Surprisingly, the one left out most often is Nate, who has a bit of a chip on his shoulder it would appear following a tiff with Justin in Part 1. Meanwhile, Justin apologizes to Binh for not keeping their conversations more private and allowing him to have a smoother marriage with Morgan.

While they revisit some moments from the season like Mitch’s shock over Nate’s time with the bachelor party strippers or a montage of Justin’s emotional scenes, there are also some revealing remarks shared including digs from Nate towards Justin.


'Married at First Sight's Dr. Pepper Schwartz

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The experts sit down for a few minutes to reflect on their matches as well, noting that most participants put their full hearts into the process. In groups, those participants come out to spend time with the experts. Mitch and Binh take a seat first discussing their shortcomings in marriage and admitting there are lessons they’ll take into any future relationships. Both Morgan and Krysten do the same as the men in a separate session with the experts. While Morgan hopes to be less reactive in the future, Krysten apparently needs to be better about defining the relationship as she admits to the experts that she and Mitch kissed in her car right after Decision Day. While the experts feel a small level of guilt for putting Krysten in a marriage with Mitch, they do point out that Morgan gave up too quickly on her marriage with Binh.

And in a last-ditch effort, the experts sit with Justin and Alexis to discuss their marriage, trying to convince the pair to get back together, but they’re both resolute. There will be no budging on the romantic front, but they do seem willing to be friendly acquaintances.


'Married at First Sigh' Season 15

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The group convenes one last time on stage for the reunion discussing a wide range of topics including Mitch’s aversion to wearing matching shirts with the other guys along with Stacia’s nickname of choice for the participant. As more conversations unfold, Kevin presents the participants with a video reel from the season as well as a first look at the latest season coming next year.

What did you think about Part 2 of the reunion? Sound off in the comments, below, and stay tuned for the “Where Are They Now?” episode, next week.

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