6 Spinoff Ideas for Shows (Maybe) in Their Final Seasons

No, it’s not set in stone that All American: Homecoming, The Blacklist, The Goldbergs, Grey’s Anatomy, The Morning Show, and Ted Lasso are ending after their upcoming seasons. But all six of those titles are among the series rumored to be approaching their endgames, either by design or by ratings downturn.

And no, it’s not fair that we could be losing all of them soon: Some are relative upstarts, some are long-running hits, and some are critical darlings. (At least one or two might be in the “Is that show still on?” category, but we dare not say which.)

If helps to cushion the still-hypothetical blow, we’re proposing spinoffs that could keep the stories going. While we get our agents to set up pitch meetings with TV execs, read on to see our ideas.…

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