‘Big Sky’ Season 3: Omar Metwally Won’t Be a Series Regular as Lindor

Things are going to look a little different around Dewell & Hoyt when Big Sky returns for Season 3.

Omar Metwally, who plays U.S. Marshal Mark Lindor, is no longer a series regular on the ABC drama, showrunner Elwood Reid tells TVLine exclusively.

The executive producer says the change in status is the result of a scheduling conflict and nothing more. “At the end of [Season 2], Omar came to me and he had this opportunity to be in an off-season play. And I said ‘sure,’” Reid recalls. “I didn’t know if we were coming back. I didn’t know when we would come back.”

So Metwally accepted a role in Brian Watkins’ Epiphany at Lincoln Center Theater in New York City. And when Big Sky was renewed for a third season, shooting began earlier than normal — “way earlier, a month earlier than when we were last year,” Reid says. Because Metwally was still committed to the play at that point, “I had to write him out,” the EP says.

The last time Lindor appeared on Big Sky was in the Season 2 finale, as he hung out at the office with Denise while Cassie and Jenny had some “girl time” at the bar. Reid reassures viewers that the U.S. Marshal, who’d gotten quite flirty with both Jerrie and Cassie, is “not dead, he’s not gone. He may show up, in fact, at some point. But he’s not in this first group of episodes.”

Big Sky‘s new season will premiere on a new night — Wednesday, Sept. 21, at 10/9c.

Are you bummed to hear that Lindor won’t (immediately) be back? Sound off in the comments!

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