Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Blessings and Curses Reborn


It’s a new beginning for Freeland on Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 10. Well, more like a new start for Lightning and Black Lightning.

After the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, the universe isn’t completely the same place that Jefferson and Jennifer left behind. Most of it looked the same, but the memory of recent events was all gone.

The series, quite literally, picked up where things were left off before Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 9. Almost as if the episode never even happened.

While the crossovers are a great way to connect the TV series, they do, unfortunately, create a looming plothole for anyone who didn’t watch all the parts. Let alone, anyone who didn’t watch it period.

“The Book of Markovia: Chapter One: Blessings and Curses Reborn” is the first time that Black Lightning continued their story after a crossover.

Overall, the hour was an exciting and fast-paced adventure that pushed the story further. Black Lightning came back from the winter hiatus with lots of energy! However, part of that seamlessness was because the Crisis was ignored 95% of the plot.

Jefferson: This is going to be hard to believe. Jenn and I were in alternate dimensions.
Gambi: What? How?! [Laughs] When?
Jefferson: We just got back.
Gambi: I have no memory of you being gone.
Jefferson: Right, that’s because there’s no longer any multi-dimensions. Each world, each dimension was wiped out one-by-one until there was nothing left. And then one world, one dimension, was created. We don’t have time to get into this right now because Jenn wants to kill Odell.

Did it even happen? Yes, but nobody knew, except for Jennifer and Jefferson.

It’s like when Black Lightning was on the air during the previous crossovers: ignored it and kept pushing the plot. It feels like a blip in the grand scheme, even though the Crisis on Infinite Earths was not.

Hopefully, during the next crossover, there is a greater impact on the series as a result.

The short scene between Jennifer/Jefferson/Gambi was a good first step to get viewers used to subtle connections to the multiverse. Small steps can lead to bigger movements.

Back in the current timeline, Black Lightning progressed the resistance plot involving the metahuman chip to the final stage, but it came at the cost of more Anissa/Jefferson animosity.

Didn’t they find peace before the Crisis flash? It’s a shame that all the respect and love they built up got wiped away in the new timeline.

Anissa essentially regressed into her combative relationship with her father. At every instance they talked, from the tunnel fight to the meeting to the break-in, there was one uncomfortable interaction after another.

This plot has been done to death, so to have it reemerge again, it felt exhausting hearing them bicker.

You would not believe how much it made me happy for them to make peace after the successful break-in. They’re on good terms again; no more going back, let’s keep this relationship moving forward.

Though, Anissa had a point about the reason for her pushback against Jefferson.

Blackbird led the resistance for many months and conducted dangerous missions for them. She served as the face of the operation and inspired the community.

Anissa: I need to lead this. Black Lightning is not the face of this resistance.
Jefferson: Who said it was?
Anissa: You did. The moment you came in and just took over. Now, I know you’ve done this a million times, but I am running this.
Jefferson: I didn’t just take over. Henderson asked for my advice and I gave it.
Anissa: Well, I have everything under control until you came in with your “male privilege” and pushed me aside.
Jefferson: Male privilege? What are you talking about? I’m your father. This isn’t about you.
Anissa: Yes, this is about me.
Jefferson: No! If you get this wrong, people die.
Anissa: Yes, Dad, I know that! And I also know that this is hard for you but I’m so much more than just your daughter and Thunder, and you need to see that. I am a leader and I can handle myself.

There’s no way she was letting Henderson swoop in to have Black Lightning make all the decisions. And, to have Jefferson think that he should be making those decisions because he’s her father and Black Lightning.

Jefferson needed to start recognizing that Anissa was the leader and should have the respect of making the decisions.

Another character who took a few steps back was Jenn. Jennifer’s time in the white wave regressed her back into being Reckless Jennifer.

I might have to take back my words from the midseason report card because she made such a sharp turn. Jennifer was ready to jump into any bad decision without thinking things through. No caution, no clarity, no forethought.

Sure, the Jennifers from the alternate Earths might’ve scared her, but they shouldn’t have driven her to the point of wanting a vengeful murder. She had such urgency as if there was a ticking clock on her life.

Didn’t Jen grow past this stage after Khalil’s murder?

She’s lucky Gambi and Jefferson talked her out of it in the beginning. Just imagine if she had tried while wearing Agent Odell’s Lightning suit. The results could’ve been disastrous.

Speaking of Agent Odell, didn’t his turning on Jennifer seem quite hasty? I mean, it was only a few hours that she screened his calls.

She probably has done worse by now, and she had an excuse for saving someone’s life.

The end of their partnership was a development that was a long time coming. Jennifer had to pick a side, and regardless of however Odell spun it, he was a villain.

Jennifer made the right call by siding with her family and the resistance. She’s a hero; though, killing someone out of vengeance isn’t a heroic stance.

It was only a matter of time before either this Earth’s Jennifer turned on him or he betrayed her.

Any grace and poise Lynn may have had before her addiction has all but evaporated. She crossed the point of no return when she stuck her hand in the toilet to grab those drugs.

Lynn’s storyline has officially progressed into the “desperation and erratic” phase of her addiction.

I’m happy that her family is finally aware of her Green Light problem. They’ve been too focused on their issues during Black Lightning Season 3 and barely acknowledged that something was going on. The Pierces can’t ignore this plot now that it’s squarely in their faces.

Lynn: My side effects are increasing. Hallucinations, agitations, sweats, dry mouth. I’m going to tweak the dosage and see…
Jennifer: Mom…
[Lynn drops the vials and it breaks]
Lynn: No! Dammit! Look what you made me do, little girl! That was all I had! That was all I had!!! [Sobbing]

Jefferson’s decision to prioritize the metahuman escape over following Lynn was a tough choice to make. However, for the greater good, he made the best option that saved the most amount of lives. We can’t fault him for that.

Let’s cross our fingers that this doesn’t come back to bite him. Lynn is somewhere out there in a desperate search for Green Light and the ASA is looking for her; that’s a dangerous combination to have.

T.C. and Gambi’s friendship (mentorship?) is one of the most promising developments during the Occupation era.

Beyond a love for technology, the two don’t have much in common. However, they clicked and bonded so easily. You could feel the friendship chemistry between them in the lab; T.C. respects Gambi a lot, and Gambi wants to protect T.C. like a son.

T.C.: Black Lightning! Thunder! Oh, man!
Gambi: You shouldn’t be in here.
T.C.: Your system wanted to show it to me.
Gambi: It likes you better than me.
T.C.: No. Nah uh. It loves you.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if T.C. became Gambi’s protege?

He has all the qualities to take over the reins and use his powers for good. All he needs is a suit and the metahuman stabilization cure.

And, let’s not forget that the T.C. sought out Gambi for help, and Gambi’s lab system introduced him to the superhero secrets. The signs are all there for the next phase in T.C.’s career.

Last Thoughts Lightning Round:

  • Is Lady Eve still alive?! Her death made me so sad during Black Lightning Season 1 because she was a cold-hearted and witty villain that exuded flair. If she has returned, she could prove to be a major threat, especially since she has a connection to the ASA.
  • Black Lightning might be setting up a storyline where the ASA agent sides with the resistance. So far, he’s helped Lynn escape The Pit, and now he’s stopped Travis from hurting Jennifer. This plot is building toward something big.
  • The fighting choreography was superb! The stunt doubles and the actors did a great job battling it out in the many fight scenes.
  • Jennifer’s new phasing power is one of her best so far. If she can hone those abilities, no one will be able to shoot her ever again.
  • There are major sparks between Jennifer and Brandon. Seriously, she didn’t even think twice that the earthquake wasn’t him. She just knew!

Now, over to you, Black Lightning fans!

What did you think of “The Book of Markovia: Chapter One: Blessings and Curses Reborn”?

How will the identity of Gambi’s attacker change his plans? Will Jefferson be able to save Lynn? Is Jennifer’s life in danger now that she failed to kill Agent Odell?

If you missed the latest episode of Black Lightning, you can watch Black Lightning online via TV Fanatic. Come back here and share your thoughts in the comments.

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