Bob Odenkirk Gets Salute From AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan: “We Are So Glad He Is On The Mend”

AMC Networks Josh Sapan offered a tribute and get-well wish to Bob Odenkirk during the company’s second-quarter earnings call with Wall Street analysts. Odenkirk is recovering from a heart attack suffered last month on the set of AMC’s Better Call Saul.

Speaking during AMC Networks’ second quarter earnings call with Wall Street analysts, Sapan said Odenkirk is “someone who’s very close to us and our company.” The company and its executive team “have been lucky enough to know and work with Bob for a very long time,” Sapan added. “It’s close to impossible to spend any time around Bob without developing great appreciation for his talents and spirit and who he is as a person. We are so glad he’s on the mend and just wanted to pause and wish him all the best in his recovery, which is now under way.”

Sapan did not address what Odenkirk’s circumstances would mean for the outlook for the new season of the series. Odenkirk plays the title character in the Breaking Bad spinoff.

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Odenkirk collapsed last month during production of the series in New Mexico, prompting an outpouring of angst and well-wishes from the entertainment industry and fans. To widespread relief, he soon reappeared on social media, offering a statement of thanks. Odenkirk thanked AMC Networks and Sony, its production partner on Saul, for their support.

AMC Networks reported strong second-quarter results, which were driven by the recovery of TV advertising in the quarter and continued growth in streaming. AMC+, the outlet where many viewers watch Better Call Saul, was hailed by executives as the company’s fastest-growing service, as the company remains on pace for 20 million to 25 million subscribers by 2025.

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