Brandon Sklenar Says Alex’s Ex ‘Doesn’t Pull Any Punches’

1923 is coming to a close this Sunday, February 26, and according to star Brandon Sklenar, the stakes are as “high as they can be” for Spencer and Alex (Julia Schlaepfer). TV Insider chatted with the actor ahead of the 1923 Season 1 finale to get a glimpse into the drama to come in the Yellowstone prequel.

1923 Episode 7 ended on as awkward of a plot twist as Alex could imagine. Just when the newlyweds were finally safe on shore in Italy, preparing to chart their journey back to the States, Alex’s ex-fiancé, Arthur (Rafe Soule), his family, and the remainder of the travel party she ditched in Africa showed up at the same port. We asked Sklenar how much trouble Arthur is going to stir up for the new Dutton spouses in Episode 8.

“He definitely makes his dislike for Spencer known. I think that’s as much as I can say,” Sklenar says. “He doesn’t pull any punches in terms of letting him know how slighted he feels.”

Brandon Sklenar and Julia Schlaepfer in '1923'

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Arthur, it seems, is very much a jilted lover in the finale. But lovers, Arthur and Alex were not. The English countess left her entire life behind to whisk off on a romantic adventure with Spencer, risking everything on the powerful, intangible connection they felt upon their first few meetings. Even after surviving an elephant flipping their car, a lion attack, and a shipwreck in the middle of the ocean, this undesired reunion will come as yet another snap back into reality for the pair.

“It’s tough for him,” Sklenar says, sympathizing with Arthur. “Not that Spencer meant any harm by [leaving with Alex]. It wasn’t terribly considerate either.”

“He doesn’t have any bad blood against the guy, but cannot say the same for Arthur, that’s for sure,” Sklenar bodes with a laugh.

These two have run the gamut of life-threatening scenarios in 1923‘s first season (Season 2 is a go at Paramount+). Sklenar says the stakes don’t get any lower from here.

“He’s trying to get home to save his family, what’s left of them, and what he’s imagining is left of them,” he teases, saying that getting back to Montana, “protecting her and keeping her alive, keeping their relationship alive,” are the only things on Spencer’s mind.

To that end, Sklenar says, “I don’t think the stakes could be any higher.”

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