Card Sharks Season Premiere Exclusive: Will Evan’s Faith in Humanity Give Him the Advantage?


One of my favorite rebooted classics returns to ABC on Sunday, October 18.

Joel McHale hosts Card Sharks, and we have an exclusive clip from the premiere.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 50 years (even the vintage episodes have been available on Buzzr for years), allow me to explain by way of the official show synopsis:

Card Sharks is a suspenseful game where a fortune can be won on the turn of a single playing card! The road to glory and riches begins with two players who face off in a head-to-head elimination game with the goal of one player making it to the life-changing money card round.

In the money card round, the winning player has to make gut-wrenching decisions and risk it all to win it all. Ultimately, players can either take their earned cash and quit or continue wagering for a chance to take home a major cash prize.

Seriously, it’s a lot of fun, and gaining the advantage for the money round is all about your, as Evan’s friend says so eloquently in our exclusive clip, faith in humanity.

Like many other shows of the era that have been rebooted over the years, to gain the advantage, you need to bet on some of humanities most important questions.

Our clip features Rhea Watson from Las Vegas, Nevada, and Evan Phillips from Monterey, California.

They get a question that fits right into the worlds of our ‘ship loving TV Fanatics — what is the percentage of adults who have ended a relationship on Valentine’s Day?

Ouch! As Evan says, that is, indeed HARSH!

Rhea and her support team, though, have no compunction about believing the number might be a lot more than Evan’s belief in humanity might support.

It leads to a very funny exchange, and the only way you’re going to find out whose thoughts prevail is to watch the clip.

And the only way to find out who makes a run at the cards that’s worth the weight of their claims is to watch Card Sharks at 10/9c on Sunday, October 19 only on ABC!!

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