Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 8 Spoilers: Maggie Flirts With Danger

Don’t do it, Maggie!

Her relationship with Ben is already on the rocks because of his jealousy of Grant, and now that Vanessa’s not in town, there is little reason for Maggie to spend time with Vanessa’s father.

But things will go from bad to worse on Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 8 when Maggie takes a literal trip down memory lane in Grant’s car and gets into an accident!

Season 8 Episode 8 Spoilers - Chicago Med

This is a bad idea for Maggie for so many reasons.

She’s in a vulnerable place at the moment. She misses Vanessa, and Ben doesn’t seem to understand why the daughter who only came into Maggie’s life two years ago is so important to her.

Grant does understand that, and he’s exploiting the existence of their shared daughter to worm his way back into Maggie’s life. Maggie has told him that she’s happily married, but that hasn’t stopped him from wanting to be with her.

And now, Ben’s jealousy has led to a rift between him and Maggie. That leaves Maggie even more lonely.

If she’s anxious about her marriage, the last thing she needs is to go anywhere with Grant for “old times’ sake.”

But she’s also more open to his advances because she feels so lost.

Trip Down Memory Lane - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 8

Maggie probably thinks she can get away with taking a short trip and telling Ben later, if at all. But the accident she gets into looks serious; there’s no hiding what she was up to after that!

A clip in the spoiler video depicts someone sideswiping the car while Maggie screams for Grant to look out. The crash occurs on the vehicle’s passenger side; Maggie is likely to sustain serious enough injuries to be taken to the hospital.

If Maggie’s life hangs in the balance after this, Ben could react in two ways. He could realize how close he came to losing Maggie and decide to let go of this conflict, or he could get even angrier that she risked her life while out with his rival.

Chances are, he’ll do both.

Ben will probably initially be upset to learn that Maggie was in a serious accident, but when he finds out Grant was involved, he’ll see red.

He might confront Grant, and it could get physical. Like any soap opera, Chicago Med sometimes indulges in fistfights between supposedly grown men. Of course, Chicago Med security won’t be happy about that, and Sharon probably won’t be either.

Once Maggie is out of danger, there will probably be consequences for her marriage too.

At the very least, she and Ben will need to talk seriously about the wedge Grant has put between them and where they go from here. The timing sucks, especially if Maggie is seriously injured, but neither of them will want to wait.

Going the Extra Mile - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 8

Maggie’s drama is only a tiny part of what’s happening during Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 8.

Will and Marcel work together again, this time to facilitate a trans-organ exchange.

This type of organ donation, in which multiple people donate parts of organs to one another to benefit everyone, can help people get needed organs and shorten waiting times for transplants. However, it also raises ethical questions about whether these donations are appropriate and freely given.

Marcel’s newfound fame gives him more clout with the hospital board and with transplant specialists in general. He’s already been invited to replace Blake, who is still in poor health, at a conference; he can use this opportunity to convince decision-makers to allow the trans-organ exchange to move forward.

Sharon Reassures Will - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 8

Marcel has been reluctant to embrace his status as a well-known surgeon, and he may be even more conflicted now that he knows he’s been asked to speak because Blake had to bow out.

As recently as Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 7, Marcel was blaming himself for Pamela’s injuries; he may feel he doesn’t deserve to go to the conference in her place.

Will is also involved in the trans-organ exchange, and he might push Marcel to go to the conference and get the approvals they need. Could Will push Marcel too hard?

Marcel could also ask Jack for help. Jack is grateful for Marcel’s support with the train accident, has a lot of money, and has used it to help out the hospital before. Sharon doesn’t like the idea of depending on Jack, and Marcel probably doesn’t either, but as a last resort, Jack could use his influence to make this happen.

Will Tries To Make It Happen - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 8

Meanwhile, Choi and Archer expose a fraudulent doctor!

There are few spoilers telling us what this is about. We went down this path with Will and Matt Cooper not long ago; will this story tie into that one, or will this doctor commit a different type of fraud?

Choi has been trying to let go of his previous rigid adherence to rules, and Archer ignores guidelines whenever he feels it’s appropriate, so it’s anyone’s guess what these two will do with any information they discover.

Finally, Cuevas and Charles work with a sexual assault survivor.

Marcel Works With Will - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 8

This could be a powerful story if done well.

Sexual assault is too often used as a plot device instead of written with the sensitivity the situation requires; however, Chicago Med is a Dick Wolf show, as is Law & Order: SVU, so this story will likely be better than most.

If the survivor is female, they may feel more comfortable with Cuevas, which could be frustrating for Charles but also lead to important conversations about how hospitals handle these types of cases.

There may also be questions about whether the patient wants to report the assault. If they do, it might lead to the first post-Jay Chicago PD crossover.

Peter Considers The Idea - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 8

What do you think, Chicago Med fanatics? What stories are you most looking forward to?

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The next new episode of Chicago Med airs on November 16. In the meantime, don’t forget that you can watch Chicago Med online.

Chicago Med airs on NBC on Wednesdays at 8 PM EST/PST.

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