‘Chicago P.D.’ Recap Season 10 Episode 17: #Burzek Is [Spoiler]

Healing is a slow and difficult journey, and that’s what Kim Burgess has learned while in therapy on Chicago P.D. 

She admitted in Wednesday’s episode that she has been doing the work: sleep techniques, exposure therapy, meditation, and even exercising, but was still not feeling better. Her therapist assured that she eventually would.

Burgess also shot down the suggestion that Ruzek join them for a session. While she conceded that her PTSD has affected her performance on the job, she was still in denial about how it also impacted her personal life.

Marina Squerciati and Patrick John Flueger in Chicago P.D.In the meantime, the Intelligence cop responded to an armed robbery at a convenience store. What she and the rest of the squad quickly learned was that there were two suspects, including a woman named Ruby, whose rape kit was used to identify her. Burgess and Upton felt it was unethical to go by this DNA sample, and Voight argued that it was perfectly legal. The case paralleled the real-life example of a San Francisco woman who sued the cops for using her rape kit in a criminal case.

Looking at the evidence — Ruby accused a co-worker of rape, recanted, and then fell into seclusion — Burgess sympathized with Ruby. She understood the trauma signs Ruby displayed and tried to help her.

Burgess took Ruby to the scene of her assault, and finally got her to open up and help them close their case. Burgess caught up to Ruby’s assaulter and co-conspirator, who pulled a weapon on the Chicago cop. She took him down without hesitation.

Chicago PD 10x17 Burgess and Ruzek Back TogetherAfter the case, Burgess finally agreed to bring Ruzek with her to a therapy session. Ruzek maintained that Burgess’s PTSD hadn’t affected their relationship. However, he also shared that they were out of sync at times, that he felt like he wanted more and didn’t think she felt the same way. This struck a nerve Burgess, who revealed that she always felt the same way he did. She then stopped herself before she could finish her sentence.

At home, Ruzek asked Burgess what she wanted to say earlier, and Burgess finally came clean. She was too scared, that’s why she pulled away from him. And just when it looked like they were going to retreat from each other, Burgess pulled Ruzek in for a kiss. The pair quickly found themselves tearing off each other’s clothing and headed towards the bedroom.

It’s safe to say that #Burzek is back on.

How do you feel about Ruzek and Burgess getting back together on Chicago P.D.? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! 

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