Chris Rock Does A Cameo In ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cold Open As Cast Reflects On A Surreal Season Of Covid, The Election And An Insurrection

Chris Rock, who hosted the season premiere of Saturday Night Live last fall, made a cameo for the season finale.

In the cold open, as the cast reflected on the unusual, surreal season, marked by continued restrictions because of Covid-19, Rock appeared and noted that his hosting gig “feels like six years ago.”

“Here’s how messed up the world was when I hosted, OK? I wanted Kanye West to be the musical guest. And he couldn’t do it because he was running for president. Remember that? Also, the week I was here, the sitting president, who said Covid would disappear, got Covid! That was this season. They the election is over Heatmiser loses. Big moment for SNL. Clearly the right time to leave, to end the season. But no, these idiots did 12 more shows. Even Jim Carrey knew it was time to go home.”

Carrey played Joe Biden in sketches early in the season, but stepped away from the role. He was replaced by Alex Moffat.

Other cast members recalled working before a limited in-studio audience earlier in the season, which initially was made up of medical professionals treating patients. But one audience member actually was caught reading a medical textbook during the show.

More to come.

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