Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Sex Patrol


I never EVER presume to be prepared for what Doom Patrol is able to throw at us. It’s a wild and crazy ride every time.

Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 4 is a perfect example of the barely-controlled chaos that makes this show so ridiculously awesome.

And yet, amidst the paranormal sex-aggedon danger, there is a lot of self-awareness gained among our team.

Dorothy’s approaching a coming of age, recognizing (with Candlemaker’s help) that her childhood friend was also a prison, that her father is mortal, and that she doesn’t always want to take the safe route.

She really comes into her own sparkly when she meets the Dannyzens, a population of the most determinedly joyful and honest misfits in the world.

The fact that she spent ninety years listening to their parties is, as Rita puts it, tragic.

Flex: Well, hey there, little lady. Why the long face?
Dorothy: This is just how I look.

That she wants the world to treat as a grown-up only to come to the conclusion that she really doesn’t want to grow up is probably the greatest indication that her childhood’s days are numbered.

My theory is that her maturity is personified by Candlemaker. As she says, he doesn’t even seem himself anymore, talking to her more often than before. Candlemaker urges her to break the rules, be independent, fight for her freedom.

It’s no wonder that Jane feels an affinity for Dorothy with all the voices the two of them contend with. Dorothy’s friends don’t seem to have the same shared trauma that holds Jane’s Underground in thrall but they each serve a purpose.

It is fascinating that Jane’s alters don’t have a real sense of the effort required to be primary and to hold themselves aloof from the world around them.

Kiss: I’m Kiss, she’s Torture. We’re here to save the world from a paranormal sexual event.
Dr. Harrison: I have so many questions.

It’s even more interesting that each alter (after The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter) emerges just as something perfectly suited to their tastes is thrown across their path out the door.

After that glimpse of Miranda’s emergence on Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 2 and the comment about how she always knew what Kay wanted, I am curious to see how a proper showdown between two primary alters would play out.

Cliff gets to have a bit of fun here with the Ecstasy (seriously, WHO expected The Chief to come up with that option?) but also gets a bit of clarity on his own faults.

Niles: We’re adults, Cliff. I’ve been open about my mistakes. Maybe it’s time you were honest about yours.
Cliff: I’m sorry, that would require me rising to the occasion. Any fucking occasion.

He honestly seems more open to experiences while high and that isn’t a terrible thing with all the baggage he’s been dragged down with recently.

With Niles’ plans to create a “Robotman 2.0,” he may need to tweak Cliff’s nutrients again to get him into a new suit.

Vic’s return to the fold isn’t exactly trumpeted but I like that Maura Lee is the key to getting him back on track with Roni. I like Roni.

I don’t know how she’ll fit into the central plot but it would be great to have her as a non-stretchy, non-fragmented, non-perpetually eleven-year-old female team member.

She’s not like me. I mean, I’m Cyborg. She’s a shock to my system.


She’d be a shock to more than just Vic’s system.

Maura Lee Karupt’s advice is always solid. She has such a connection to Danny that I honestly couldn’t imagine them without her.

Just because the pulse is slow doesn’t mean the heart is gone.


She’s the figurehead in the spotlight, the counselor at the bar, the coach on the bench, and the general in battle.

Her perfection is in counterpoint to Niles’ very fallible leadership, much as the Dannyzens come together very differently than the Doom Patrol despite their shared history of trauma and persecution.

Life is short, Vic. Go where you feel love. And if that love’s consistent, stay.


When she gives Vic advice, he can take it without any thought of subterfuge or calculation. Her absolute candor is tempered with love and acceptance.

Much in the same way, Flex Mentallo is completely open and willing to help anyone in need, even if it means flexing Rita’s special muscles for her.

Flex: We’d have to be very careful. With great muscles come great responsibility.
Rita: And great clarity.

With his nose to the dot, he’s able to open her mind to a deeply buried truth about her mother. And summon a sex demon from the other side of the world. Talk about skillz.

Personally, I’d like to be able to do that cupcake trick.

As we know, Rita’s issues are legion. Even knowing now what her mother did to further her career, she cannot break her programming, passing on the micro-aggression trauma to Dorothy without even thinking about it.

And, well, her need for release after decades of repression caused its own problems, didn’t it?

Is anyone going to say anything about the fact Rita’s g-spot almost ended the fucking world?


Up until the arrival of the Sex Machine, I felt like I was keeping pace okay.

Dannyzens? Cool.

House party? Awesome.

Cliff on E? Ooookay…

Rita’s orgasm therapy? Hrmmm…

But sex ghosts and the delivery of a sex demon’s baby that can be reversed by shoving it back up where it came from? Yeah, I had to take a moment to process.

Danny’s return in the form of a tire is beautifully poetic. Where they were once brick and mortar, asphalt and pavement, a haven AND a prison, they now travel the world with the Dannyzens like their own caravan of love.

Wheels symbolize freedom and movement and an ever-changing landscape. Yay, Danny!

So when you watch Doom Patrol online, you get a bit of music, some lights and dancing, lots of sexy bits, and a whole heap of healing.

With Danny on the mend, the Doom Patrol can refocus on their central concerns keeping Niles alive, Dorothy safe, and generally not triggering another end of the world.

What will be the next crisis?

Will the SeX-Men make a return? What about Shadowy Mr. Evans?

Will Rita’s new clarity jumpstart her superhero training?

Will Larry, Cliff, and Niles form a “bad dads” support group?

What made you laugh out loud this week? What made you think? Sound off in the comments below!

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