Falling Like Snowflakes Shows An Old Romance The Path to Find Each Other

Falling Like Snowflakes Shows An Old Romance The Path to Find Each Other

Falling Like Snowflakes Shows An Old Romance The Path to Find Each Other

This year, Hallmark added two new Christmas in July originals.

While some have difficulty getting into the spirit while it’s warm and sunny outside, this was the ideal film to transport you to the snowy mountains near a small town.

Falling like Snowflakes includes all of that. While it was about finding a rare snowflake, it symbolized how rare certain relationships were.

A Snow Selfie - Hallmark Channel

Falling Like Snowflakes felt like coming home. Small towns always have beautiful art galleries to peek into, but seeing 34 snowflakes on display was breathtaking.

It’s that little attention to detail that makes you feel special. Since this was a Christmas in July special, there’s a good chance this was filmed during the winter when snow was on the ground, making it look more realistic.

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The decorations, including a Charles Dicken-themed Inn and holiday and Christmas lights, were stunning.

Having two Hallmark veteran stars like Marcus Rosner and Rebecca Dalton in this sold the film.

Falling Like Snowflakes Keyart - Hallmark Channel Season 1 Episode 10

Rebecca Dalton stars as Teagan Ainsley, a photographer determined to find a Stellar Dendrite, a rare 12-sided snowflake, and complete her snowflake exhibit to win the art auction and raise money for the community center.

When she drove Julie, one of her students, home, Teagan ran into Noah (Marcus Rosner), Julie’s dad, her old boyfriend. It’s an overdone trope, but sometimes it works, running into an ex you haven’t seen in years.

Hallmark has done this before with Fourth Down and Love; only then was there more bitterness left over.

Dalton and Rosner exhibited effortless chemistry. It seemed like they had been friends since high school, lost touch, and picked up right where they left.

Marcus Rosner & Rebecca Dalton in Falling Like Snowflakes - Hallmark Channel Season 1 Episode 10

From what either of them or Teagan’s friend Charlotte said, it didn’t seem like they had a bitter breakup. It seemed like they had different dreams and went their separate ways.

It also appeared that Teagan had chased snowflakes her entire life, and Noah had been interested in weather for years. While it’s sad that they couldn’t reunite until now, he wouldn’t have his daughter otherwise.

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Julie (Ava Weiss) has also appeared in Hallmark movies before. She’s very talented, especially if she made those photo collages herself.

Julia and Noah had been living on their own since her mom died, and like many kids, she felt responsible for her dad’s happiness. That’s a rough burden for a young girl, but she was smart enough to realize he moved home partly because he loved it there.

Julie's Gift - Hallmark Channel Season 1 Episode 10

Maybe subconsciously, he also hoped to run into Teagan, even if her new goals would annoy him.

They had different dreams. Teagan wanted to teach other young minds like his daughter how to do photography and art, but she needed funding, so she was desperate to complete her collection and win that auction.

Teagan seemed more adventurous than Noah. She wasn’t afraid to leap into danger for a good cause, and this time, that meant traveling to Crescent Pass to find this snowflake.

Even though Noah didn’t want to go, as soon as he didn’t look at the radar, you knew he wouldn’t let her venture out there alone.

He eventually got into the spirit of it as she made him take selfies with her or help her take photos.

Snow Memories - Hallmark Channel Season 1 Episode 10

Her enthusiasm over the snow was infectious.

This film also used another familiar trope: getting stranded together. The inn they stayed at was charming.

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It was like they checked off holiday boxes, listening to carolers sing and sharing intimate moments, raiding the fridge together, and walking along a snowy path.

All these moments worked beautifully since the snow was essential to their relationship.

Don't Give Up - Hallmark Channel Season 1 Episode 10

This film focused on letting people in and letting go. Noah complained about how adventurous Teagan was when they were younger, but he enjoyed searching for the snowflake with her.

It was an adventure he’ll never forget, from sharing his grandfather’s mountain with her to hiking the path and being rescued by Wayne.

Teagan, on the other hand, had difficulty trusting people after losing her mother. She wanted to find the Stellar Dendrite because her mom introduced her to finding snowflakes and bought her the portable weather station.

She sacrificed her dreams when the massive snowstorm hit, and they almost got stranded out there. Even when Noah offered to rescue her camera, she let go and chose their safety.

A Special Mountain - Hallmark Channel Season 1 Episode 10

I suspect that’s why Noah returned for her camera once the storm passed. Teagan proved to herself that while those photos were important, their safety and relationship were more precious.

They shared so much on that journey, and she was overwhelmed that Noah would do something so lovely.

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Since the snowflake was on the camera, it cemented the idea that snowflakes follow their own path and that a 12-sided snowflake is two six-sided snowflakes fused together on the way down.

Teagan: They must be on the same path to find each other.
Noah: I had no idea Mother Nature was such a matchmaker.

The ending was predictable and cheesy in some ways, but I feared Suzanne would steal Teagan’s photos and be a major villain. Thankfully, she was a minor annoying character who realized she disliked snow and Christmas.

Teagan's Big Night - Hallmark Channel Season 1 Episode 10

In Hallmark fashion, everyone has a happy ending, and Julie doesn’t have to worry about her dad being alone anymore.

What did you think of “Falling Like Snowflakes?” Do you enjoy seeing holiday content in the summer?

Were you impressed by Teagan’s photography? Did you enjoy Noah and Teagan’s romance?

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please share them with us in the comments.

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