Fanatic Feed: Kristen Bell to Headline Netflix Comedy, The Great Season 3 Date, & More

Here is a wrap-up of all the news you need to know from Wednesday, March 1, 2023.

Kristen Bell is returning to Netflix.

The untitled series is “a comedy centered on the unlikely relationship between an irreverent, outspoken, agnostic woman and an unconventional rabbi.”

Kristen Bell attends the Los Angeles premiere of Prime Video's "The People We Hate At The Wedding"

The series is created by Erin Foster.

Details are scarce for the project, but we’re sure there will be plenty to come in advance of the premiere.

Kristen Bell Attends SirusXM Event

Bell is, of course, best known for her work on Veronica Mars and The Good Place.

Meanwhile, Hulu has confirmed The Great Season 3 will launch Friday, May 12.

The series is getting a binge release, with all 10 episodes dropping simultaneously.

On The Great Season 3, Elle Fanning’s Catherine and Nicholas Hoult’s Peter “attempt to make their marriage work after some seemingly insurmountable problems,” according to the official description.

“Peter witnessed his own attempted murder at Catherine’s hands and she also imprisoned all of his friends.”

“On top of this, Peter is at a loose end playing First Husband to Catherine’s reign, so he busies himself with fathering, hunting and salty culinary ventures.”

“But they’re not enough to keep him contented as visions of his late father (played by Jason Isaacs) get in his head about his failures as Peter the Great’s son,” Hulu’s description adds. 

Meanwhile, “Catherine the Great starts making a name for herself beyond her borders and inspired by a visit from the US ambassador, sets up a conference where peasants, nobles and merchants can all give their input on developing a new Russia,” the logline continues.

Catherine in The Great Season 1 Finale

“She learns that even the best political leaders sometimes need to make compromises in order to progress.”

HBO has announced the second season of its critically acclaimed original series Somebody Somewhere will launch Sunday, April 23, from 10:30-11:00 p.m.

The cast includes Bridget Everett (Sam), Jeff Hiller (Joel), Mary Catherine Garrison (Tricia), Jane Brody (Mary Jo), Murray Hill (Fred Rococo), Mercedes White (Tiffani), Kailey Albus (Shannon), and Meighan Gerachis (Irma).

The new cast for the second season includes Tim Bagley (Brad), Jennifer Mudge (Susan), and Barbara Robertson (Darlene).

Somebody Somewhere Season 2 Photo

From Mighty Mint, Duplass Brothers Productions, and creators and executive producers Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen, the series follows Sam (played by Everett), a true Kansan on the surface, but, beneath it all, struggling to fit the hometown mold.

Grappling with loss and acceptance, singing is Sam’s saving grace and leads her on a journey to discover herself and a community of outsiders who don’t fit in but don’t give up, showing that finding your people, and finding your voice, is possible.

Anywhere. Somewhere. Season two reminds us that families are hard, even the fun ones. Sam and Joel (Jeff Hiller) have settled into a comfy routine. But nothing stays the same forever.

Finally, PBS Masterpiece has unveiled the trailer for the third — and final — season of Sanditon.

The series will return Sunday, March 19, at 9/8c.

Based on the 90-second trailer, there will be a lot of drama.

Check it out below.

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