FX Boss Says He Would Love Ryan Murphy To Make His Home At Disney & 20th TV

FX chairman John Landgraf said Friday that he would love to have Ryan Murphy return to Disney and 20th Television after the American Horror Story creator left the fold for Netflix in 2018.

“Would I like it to happen? The answer is yes,” Landgraf said during FX’s executive panel at TCA. “If you ask me could it happen, I don’t have the answer to that question because it lies within the free market and it also ultimately lies with Ryan Murphy. He gets to decide where he makes his deal and what he does. From where I sit, he’s been extraordinarily productive for Netflix.”

He added, “We’ve continued to work with him and we’re thrilled with the work he’s done with us. So it’s probably premature to speculate on what will happen that far out, but if you’re asking me would I want Ryan to make his home at Disney and 20th and Dana Walden and therefore FX, Yeah, of course. I love working with him.”

Landgraf said he has not been in contact with Murphy’s agents as yet because it would be “premature.”

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Multiple Murphy projects were announced ahead of the network’s TCA presentation including American Sports Story and American Love Story spinoffs; Studio 54: American Crime Story as the fourth installment of the series; and the expansion of the American Horror Story franchise with a second installment of spinoff anthology series American Horror Stories.

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