Hanna Review: Into the World


It’s about time that Hanna made up her mind.

Too much hesitation on Hanna’s part led to a mounting body count on Hanna Season 2 Episode 5 and Hanna Season 2 Episode 6.

Granted, most of these bodies were Utrax employees, the Hanna equivalent of red shirts. But some innocents also got killed along the way.

The only one who seemed to have her head on straight was Marissa. That’s a frightening thought.

What was Carmichael thinking keeping her hanging around? As she proved, she’s dangerous, even inside a cell.

Sure, he wanted to discover who was helping her. But doesn’t Utrax, or the Pioneers, have people to handle that?

Put some distance between Hanna and Marissa. I mean, Marissa seems determined to do what’s best for Hanna, even if Hanna has no idea what that is at times.

I mean, Hanna fell for the Utrax family trap, just like Clara did.

It’s easier to forgive Clara for falling under Utrax’s spell. She only had a brief period of freedom and even then it was all about the mission with her, determined to find her mother.

Once Terry was able to conjure that letter, in which Clara’s mother said she wanted Utrax to be Clara’s family, Clara’s mission was over in her mind and she was back where she belonged.

But Hanna has been free her entire young life.

Sure, a good part of that she was either isolated in hiding or on the run. But at least her choices were hers, for better or worse.

There’s no way Mia enjoys that kind of freedom at The Meadows under Utrax.

Instead, she can just look forward to pep talks from a fake father and the Utrax staff.

The problem is that Hanna hasn’t yet fathomed the value she holds to Drax. She has no concept of how talented she is as an undetectable soldier.

Just listening to how Terry and even Leo fawned over her while she was decimating her fellow trainees during Capture the Flag was proof enough of that.

That’s how Hanna was able to get away with the rampant insubordination she has shown since arriving at The Meadows. The great ones are always a little temperamental, right?

But winning meant less than nothing to Hanna. After all those years of battling for survival, play was a foreign concept to her.

Her naivety would only help her as a sleeper agent. How many young adults in an unfamiliar situation have exactly that lost look that Hanna often wears?

She was worse that way on Hanna Season 1 when she and Erik emerged from their cave and she got her first exposure to the world, largely thanks to Sophie.

And she’s positively worldly when compared to Sandy, who didn’t even get the “Grease” reference. Hopelessly devoted, she’s not.

Hanna’s big problem this year is that she’s attempting to replace Erik, her father figure.

She clung too hard to Clara and look what that got her: captured. Three times now.

It’s understandable Hanna doesn’t trust Marissa as a protector, since Marissa had been hunting Erik and Hanna for years.

Marissa has changed and truly does want what’s best for Marissa. Why else hasn’t she exited stage left to try and rebuild her own shattered personal life?

Instead, she’s had the crap beaten out of her while trying to free Hanna and bring down the organization she once ran.

But, for all her cunning, Hanna isn’t a creature of nuance when it comes to human behavior. She’s going to be suspicious of Marissa, first and foremost.

Her being captured the first and third times were because of that impulse. The second time she just trusted the wrong person: Clara. Actually, Clara had a big hand in fouling up that third escape as well.

So that left Utrax as her new family: the fake father along with Terry, Leo, and Carmichael.

Only child Terry genuinely seems to care for the young sisters/daughters she shepherds, although she is helping to train them to be silent killers. She’s the conscience of Utrax if that isn’t an oxymoron.

Leo is a conman, steering the trainees’ psyches where he wants them to go.

Carmichael isn’t the kindly uncle he appears but rather will turn out to be diabolical.

So Hanna has to get over her mistrust of Marissa and soon, especially now that she’s got a target on her back.

Now, what about those first missions?

Of course, Carmichael and Leo were testing Hanna, sending weaselly Jules to spy on her.

And in the end, Hanna did the right thing, but it was too late to save Mannion and Nicola from Jules.

(How did Mannion elude The Meadows security staff for days before being killed by a junior agent in the subway?)

Hopefully, that’s gotten Hanna back on the right path, because she can’t have divided loyalties with Leo and likely Jules after her.

And didn’t Jules take a sadistic pleasure in killing and in being the No. 1 agent now that Hanna is being hunted?

It will be intriguing to see if Sandy and Clara are able to bring themselves to kill Tacitus.

To follow Hanna’s indecision, watch Hanna online.

Has Hanna made up her mind?

Who is helping Marissa?

What’s Hanna’s next move?

Comment below.

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