How to Host an Outdoor Viewing Party

Imagine a movie theater as big as the great outdoors. That’s what portable projectors make possible: family movie night anywhere.

Just consider whether you will have access to a power outlet. If so, you may want a projector with over 3,000 lumens so you can watch in the daytime — but note that you’ll probably still need plenty of shade. No outlet? Portable projectors typically work best at nighttime. (Also, you’ll need a screen, usually sold separately, to project onto.)

The BenQ GS50 1080p (below; $750, Amazon) is one high-end option with nice bells and whistles like a Bluetooth speaker and Wi-Fi connectivity. But lower-priced models work great too, like the GooDee 1080p projector ($170, Amazon). And there are convenient all-in-one packages that come with their own screens and speakers, like the Insignia Complete Outdoor Projector Kit ($350, Best Buy).

Just don’t forget to bring the popcorn!

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