In Tonight’s Opening Monologue On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, He Uses The Kardashians To Explain The Super Bowl

Tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The host talks about the teams headed to the upcoming Super Bowl which will have the L.A. Rams are going head to head against the Cincinnati Bengals, which according to him is the “lowest Super Bowl match in NFL History.”

“The teams that oddsmakers least expected to make it this far, made it,” said Kimmel. “To put that in non-football terms, if this was a matchup of Kardashians, it’d be like Kourtney versus Rob.”

Now the host speculates that there will be talk about what the two different cities–lala land vs ‘real America–will bring to the Super Bowl, but points out how similar the teams could be based on how they dress. 

“Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, he dresses like a Miami coke dealer. A regular WKRPimp in Cincinnati.”

He then goes on to compare the coaches of both teams and the similarities they hold between the two of them by using their pictures of the men with their respective teams t-shirts on.

“This is also an interesting match coaching wise because Bengals head coach Zack Taylor and Rams head coach Sean McVey haven’t gone head to head since 2004 when they were both finalists in the Enterprise rental car management trainee program.“

Watch the rest of Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue above.

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