‘Interview With the Vampire Uncut’ Is Coming to AMC+ — What Exactly Is It?

‘Interview With the Vampire Uncut’ Is Coming to AMC+ — What Exactly Is It?

‘Interview With the Vampire Uncut’ Is Coming to AMC+ — What Exactly Is It?

Interview With the Vampire fans were thrilled to see a new Rotten Tomatoes page for the AMC series on Monday, September 18. The page is titled “Interview With the Vampire Uncut” and features the show’s Season 1 cover art with “Uncut” added to the image’s text, prompting hundreds of tweets from curious fans. But what exactly is “Interview With the Vampire Uncut”?

With Rotten Tomatoes saying it would come out on September 25, fans have been left scratching their heads all morning trying to figure out what it is. Multiple theories were posted. Would this be an extended edition of Season 1, which premiered on October 2, 2022 on AMC? Would it be an uncensored version of the sexy vampire show? As one fan joked about the already explicit first season, “What we watched was censored??

TV Insider checked in with AMC to see what this was all about. And it turns out, one Interview With the Vampire fan’s theory was close to the truth.

“Not to be a Debbie Downer but y’all should probably temper your expectations of what uncensored is. It could be something crazy and sexy but it also could just be mostly the same with a few small changes. So DONT HARASS the social team for the show if it isn’t what you want,” the user tweeted, adding in a follow-up tweet, “I’m speaking from a TV perspective where it’s common to ‘re-release’ a season of show with banner of uncut and uncensored and it’s neither of those things lol.”

Indeed, “Interview With the Vampire Uncut” is not an extended edition of Season 1 (wouldn’t it be a dream if it was?). It’s not an uncensored version of Season 1 either (sorry to those fans). As TV Insider has learned, it’s Season 1 presented with no ads on AMC+.

“Uncut,” in this instance, means no interruptions from commercial breaks like viewers would get when watching the show on the AMC cable channel. “Uncut” is simply the new label for the show on the streaming service. The September 25 date is seemingly in reference to when the new labels will be visible on the app.

Interview With the Vampire Season 1 has always been available ad-free on AMC+ (in fact, new episodes dropped early on Fridays during Season 1’s run last year, two days before the episode would air on the AMC linear channel on Sundays). It’s also available ad-free on Max through October 31.

AMC+ has always been ad-free, but the network revealed in April 2023 that it would be launching a cheaper, ad-free subscription tier later this year. A launch date for that new subscription and its cost have not yet been announced. Could “Interview With the Vampire Uncut” be a sign that the subscription updates are coming soon?

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