Jimmy Kimmel Invites “Magical Summer” As Covid Restrictions Lift In L.A. County


On Tuesday, Covid restrictions officially lifted in L.A. County, and Jimmy Kimmel was ready to celebrate.

“Now, if you see a white woman screaming in Trader Joes, she’s not an anti-masker. She’s just mad they’re out of oat milk,” said the ABC late-night host. “It’s going to be a magical summer.”

In his opening monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel called out the fact that there was a “weird energy” on his set because while California is “open for business,” his building is not. “That’s right. I’m still doing jokes for 23 members of an all-hostage staff,” he joked. “But everywhere else, we can finally breathe for two days, before fire season starts back up again.”

Still, outside of his studio, the host said there is “a lot to look forward to.”

“We welcome back being stuck on the 405, waiting two hours in line at an amusement park, parking spot fights, desperately trying to get a bartender to see you, the guy behind you yelling at the movie screen,” he deadpanned, “long, sweaty hugs, walking through clouds of pot smoke at the playground, tripping over Bird scooters out front of your house, and of course, the smell of a coworker microwaving fish. Welcome back, friends.”

Check out Kimmel’s entire monologue celebrating L.A.’s reopening above.

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