Jonathan Glatzer to Develop Silicon Valley ‘Dark Comedy’ For AMC

Jonathan Glatzer to Develop Silicon Valley ‘Dark Comedy’ For AMC

Jonathan Glatzer to Develop Silicon Valley ‘Dark Comedy’ For AMC

Get ready to explore the seamier side of the tech industry.

AMC announced today that it’s developing an as-yet-untitled drama about the high-stakes world of Silicon Valley billionaires.

The show is the brainchild of one of the TV world’s most respected writers, Jonathan Glatzer.

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Glatzer’s credits include such acclaimed dramas as Succession, Better Call Saul, and Bloodline.

According to a press release issued today, “The series is set inside the bubble of Silicon Valley, amid misguided corporate cultures, moony innovation labs and cutthroat private high schools.”

“In our story, a scandal is sparked by the exploitation of personal data, which unravels out of a rift between a self-appointed ‘inventor of the future’ tech CEO and his self-serving ‘performance psychologist,'” reads the announcement from AMC Networks.

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“This act of corruption quickly spirals out of control for all involved, exposing the absurdities of ambition, corporate ethics, and the fallibility of the people who are shaping the future of our world.

“Get ready for a captivating, enthralling, authentic look behind the curtain of Silicon Valley,” added Dan McDermott, president of entertainment and AMC Studios for AMC Networks.

Gene in prison - Better Call Saul

“Jonathan is a massive talent, and AMC is lucky to be the home of this, his first series creation brought to life,” McDermott continued.

“The show, which chronicles the lives of characters creating the world we will all inhabit, is right here and right now. Truth is stranger than fiction, especially here.”

In his own comments, Glatzer made it clear that he will not be further inflating the egos of the Elon Musks and Mark Zuckerbergs of the world.

“The tech world and the future it is offering is in the hands of some frighteningly self-involved people,” Glatzer said.

Roman's Wrinkled Brow - Succession Season 4 Episode 10

”They radiate a bizarre, semi-deity-like energy, but even they cannot escape their own humanity. So rather than do something directly about ‘tech,’ I wanted to focus on the people,” he continued.

”And not just the titans, but the antsy wannabe titans, the kids and spouses of the wannabes; their housekeepers, their schools, their psychiatrists, their dogs and gurus alike, all of them living in this bubble where they truly believe — and perhaps rightly — they are inventing the future, dogs excepted.

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“I couldn’t be more thrilled to be doing this with AMC,” Glatzer went on.

“At a time when networks are looking for fastballs and strikes, I gave them a darkly comedic curveball, and to their tremendous credit, they have given me nothing but the greatest support a writer could ask for.”

A Disgusting Brothers Meeting of the Minds - Succession Season 4 Episode 10

Dark comedy and a character-driven approach elevated Succession above the horde of big business shows and films to make it one the richest and most compelling series of the 21st century.

In other words, we’re more than a little excited about the idea of Glatzer giving Silicon Valley the same treatment.

What do you think, TV fanatics?

Are you as amped as we are about AMC’s latest project?

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