Killjoys Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Last Dance


I love it when a plan comes together.

Finally, after being a step behind The Lady all season, the Killjoys and their resistance allies won when it counted on the series finale, Killjoys Season 5 Episode 10.

For an ultimate battle, there was a surprisingly low body count, with no one making a noble sacrifice at the end, which was a little disappointing.

In fact, one character thought dead even got resurrected.

The retrospective montage narrated by Khlyen was a perfect way to open the finale, reminding us how the characters’ bonds had developed through the years.

Dutch’s stirring speech atop the rise set the stage for the battle to follow. The group hug, including the reluctant Turin, was an enjoyable pause before the storm.

Many of the best Killjoys episodes come when each character has his or her mission to undertake, and the finale was no exception.

There was Dutch and Khlyen on Arkin, Delle Sayeh and Aneela on Qresh, and Johnny and D’avin aboard the armada with Zephyr as monitor, all with their missions to complete.

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Pree, Gared, and Turin must have been left behind on the prison ship to plan the victory party.

On Arkin, Dutch and Khlyen certainly had some time to work on their issues, before and after The Lady arrived.

Yalena blamed him because he hadn’t taken out The Lady despite his proximity while he was her prisoner.

Khlyen was playing the long game, hoping that The Lady’s growing humanity would bring her around.

Dutch correctly pointed out that human doesn’t mean humane.

It was a solid plan to place a shield over Arkin after The Lady arrived, keeping ships from coming or going.

Too bad it didn’t disrupt communications as Dutch had hoped.

Also, that meant that Dutch was trapped with The Lady, not an ideal place to be.

That’s because The Lady could manipulate the pair through mind-control collars, which brought many of their past disputes back to life.

It was a brutal showdown between the two, as the mentor had taught the student much of what she knew.

But Yalena was willing to battle to the death if that’s what was necessary to give her team the time it needed to kill The Lady’s real body.

Khlyen was willing to sacrifice himself if that’s what it took to break free of The Lady and he was able to summon up the necessary memory from Dutch.

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That tiny knife allows her to disable Khlyen and break free of The Lady’s control.

Fortunately, her teammates and allies didn’t leave her hanging.

Delle Sayeh Kendry and Aneela quickly took over Qresh. They humbled the haughty nobles who were making fun of their credentials and their fashion sense by playing the Hullen card.

Still, the bombardment of The Lady’s armada from Qrest was but a distraction, to cover the approach by the cloaked Lucy.

Yes, it was the Jacoqis brothers undertaking the most important mission of their Killjoys career.

It was more important than they knew since Jaq had become The Lady’s prisoner.

For those wondering how Jaq got captured, it turned out that he wanted to be.

His visions of the future showed that his father would soon be in trouble, so Jaq allowed himself to be found so that he would be nearby when D’avin arrived on the armada.

So Jaq simply slipped out of his restraints and was there to shoot the soldier who was about to fire on D’av from behind.

Jaq couldn’t have foreseen himself getting shot.

But it did have the beneficial effect on bringing mother Aneela there on the fly, in time to singlehandedly wipe out most of those guarding The Lady’s body.

Jaq also dissuaded Johnny from his original plan to set off the device that would place The Lady’s body into hibernation mode.

Their new plan at least allowed them to get clear before the device went off. That allowed D’avin to make a clean kill, leaving The Lady’s consciousness trapped in her host body on Arkin.

While all this boom-boom was ongoing, Zephyr had abandoned her monitor post to try to rescue Jaq, whom she had discovered was also on board the armada.

Zeph was rewarded for her good intentions with the return of Pip, the love of her life.

Of all the deceased characters, Pip is the one who gets resurrected?

Oh, well. Pip being alive would be the only one that would be marginally believable, narratively speaking.

And, most of all, Zeph deserves a win.

Besides, with a Hullen spider in his brain, how long will Pip be back for anyway? At least Zeph will get closure.

Everything got tied up pretty neatly.

Aneela offered to transfuse Delle Sayeh to make her Hullen again, so their love can last, however. Also, Qresh is under their thumbs now.

Kendry appointed Pree as Lord Governor of Westerley. He’s an inspired choice to lead the rebuilding efforts on that planet.

There was a PDA between D’av and Dutch, and she finally admitted that she loved him. And Johnny handled it well.

Finally, Johnny and Lucy were off on a one-year sabbatical. I was hoping he would hook up with Rennika or Calvert, but leaving him unattached was probably for the best.

Of course, it was good that not everything was left happy ever after.

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The Lady sent ships carrying hatchlings out of the Quad. This gives a target to hunt for the new, improved Level 6 RAC agents.

It also sets up a followup movie down the road. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

In conclusion, let’s let D’avin sum things up: “Look, that’s what makes us a great team. You lead. I shoot, Johnny gives a shit.”

Fly on, Killjoys. Fly on.

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How did you enjoy the finale?

Did things get properly wrapped up?

Would you like a followup movie?

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