Killjoys Season 5 Episode 9 Review: Terraformance Anxiety


That’s how to set up a series finale.

All the resistance members but one were brought back together on Killjoys Season 5 Episode 9.

That one, Jaq, may turn out to be the most important piece in the final battle against The Lady.

The big happening in this penultimate episode was the reunion of the Killjoys and Aneela and Delle Sayeh Kendry, whose presence would soon prove important.

It was sweet watching “sisters” Dutch and Aneela reunite.

It also became clear that the Killjoys and Aneela and Kendry were working at cross purposes to a degree, with the former trying to save Westerley and the latter seeking to preserve Qresh.

It’s unlikely that will be too much of an obstacle, however, as they all want to defeat The Lady, first and foremost.

The Killjoys’ fight against The Lady has had to be a guerilla action, attacking from the shadows and using guile for lack of resources.

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What choice have they had when battling an ancient, god-like being?

That strategy had to change this episode.

D’avin had been training squads of prisoners to make sneak attacks to sabotage The Lady’s factories.

But The Lady centralized all her terraforming efforts in the Old Town factory, giving the resistance one big, fat target.

However, this presented the Killjoys with a couple of big problems to address.

First was finding the necessary ordnance to take out the factory.

So it was off to Qresh, to negotiate with a pair of recent frenemies.

Sure, the Killjoys saved Silas and Evie of Clan Rubell from a prisoner uprising back on Killjoys Season 5 Episode 6.

Being nobility, the siblings showed absolutely no gratitude when the resistance came seeking weapons for their attack on the factory.

Since the Killjoys, being fugitives on the run, had no available cash, Silas and Evie opted for another form of payment: D’avin, to marry whichever of them he chose.

He looked aghast at the possibility, while Delle Sayeh smirked in the background.

It was probably just as well that his attempted inspirational speech got cut off by Dutch, who, after consulting with Aneela, made a better counteroffer.

She proposed making Clan Rubell one of The Nine important families on Qresh, should The Lady be defeated, saving D’av from a fate worse than death.

That was a smart move, keeping Aneela, a recent would-be quadrant conqueror, out of sight and in reserve.

So, the resistance had obtained the necessary firepower, based on the flimsiest of promises. That was some good negotiating.

Now the resistance just needed soldiers for what could be a suicidal mission.

The warden rightfully wouldn’t let her prisoners who had volunteered to go on the stealth missions go on this one without Dutch addressing the change of plan.

What a stirring speech by Dutch to get through to the prisoners! No wonder she once again had the prisoners eating out of her hand.

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So, the weapons and the soldiers were available for the assault.

But the Killjoys hedged their bets with a sneak attack on another front as well, with the most unlikely of agents — Gared.

Gared still blamed himself for having been turned by Khlyen to protect Pree.

This time, he was a double agent, taking “valuable” intel to Khlyen which was being fed to him by Johnny through an earpiece.

Naturally, the well-intentioned Gared soon screwed the pooch, speaking nervously about missiles being fired from a “broke” ship at The Lady’s armada.

This led Khlyen to grab Gared’s earpiece and learn that Dutch was still alive and attacking the factory.

Of course, no one expected Gared to properly execute his mission. Instead, it was just a way to get Khlyen away from The Lady.

Aneela correctly explained the importance of freeing Khlyen from The Lady, since he was a crucial part of her plans after she located Jaq.

The attack itself went surprisingly smoothly, accomplishing all its objectives. These included setting up the homing beacon and trapping Khlyen.

Khlyen gave them important information, explaining that the fog shrouding Old Town was aiding the hatchlings, not the people. This led Dutch to widen the targeting area for the missiles.

Like Aneela and Kendry, Khlyen seemed more concerned with saving his homeworld of Qresh and was content to sacrifice Westerley.

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But, in the end, didn’t Dutch end up sacrificing Old Town to save Westerley? RIP, Royale.

Dutch was hasty in knocking out Khlyen before he could spell out his plan. He spent the most time with The Lady, so surely he would have something useful to add.

Pree and Turin did a great job saving as many Old Town residents as possible, with only a handful getting fed to the hatchlings.

And any reason to have Thom Allison sing is a good one.

Also on the plus side, everyone finally got their memories back.

Now, if Jaq was supposed to be in hiding, why was there a signal aimed at the armada which one of The Lady’s sharp-eyed minions could pick up? That makes no sense other than as a lame narrative device.

There’s a lot to be accomplished in the finale. First is finding some way to beat The Lady and stop her scheme. Then there’s the need for resolutions for all the main characters, at least those still alive at the end.

To catch up before the finale, watch Killjoys online.

What did you think of the Killjoys’ assault plan?

How will they beat The Lady?

Who won’t survive?

Comment below.

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