‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Calls Afghan Translator Visa Fiasco “The Bill Cosby Comeback Tour Of Political Crises”

John Oliver continued to take shots at Biden’s failed promises on this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight.

Though the United States has moved most of their troops out of Afghanistan well ahead of the Aug. 31 deadline Biden set, thousands of Afghan translators who aided American troops during the war have yet to be granted visas to move their families to the United States. A majority of them are being constantly threatened with death by the Taliban for their treasonous actions. As of June 2021, more than 300 translators or their family members have been killed.

Though Biden has vocalized support for the translators saying, “there is a home for you in the United States… we’ll stand with you as you have stood with us,” Oliver reminded the President no one controls their destiny more than Americans do.

“Putting the choice on the applicants is basically a surgeon handing you a scalpel saying, ‘there is a tumor-free pancreas in your body if you so choose and I will stand with you.’ I think you might be fundamentally confused who has power over the outcome here,” Oliver remarked.

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Oliver further berated the President for the visa limbo many Afghan translators are experiencing, calling the urgent situation “the Bill Cosby comeback of political crises.”

Oliver had choice words for anyone who disagrees and turned to his frequent punching bag, Rand Paul, over a soundbite of the Republican congressman telling the Afghan translators to stay and fight the Taliban.

“That’s pretty rich coming from a guy who couldn’t even win a fight against his neighbor on his own front lawn,” Oliver said in reference to a 2017 incident where Paul was tackled by his neighbor over lawn clippings.

Oliver described the U.S.’s response as “inexcusable” since they have had 20 years to come up with policy amending the visa crisis, during almost half of which Biden resided in the White House.

“The clock is ticking and the translators are well aware of that fact,” Oliver concluded.

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