Legacies Season 2 Episode 9 Review: I Couldn’t Have Done This Without You


All hail the Necromancer!

Legacies Season 2 Episode 9 finally lifted the lid on what the hilarious villain had been up to since he peaced out of the Salvatore School holding cells on Legacies Season 1, and it was a satisfying way to set up the second half of Legacies Season 2

It was perfect that The Necromancer got spat out of Malivore in Texas with no powers, sporting a human face, and forced to work in an ice cream store because it gave viewers all of the witty one-liners you would expect. 

Chad was an idiot for following him from the get-go, but charismatic serial killers always seem to get followers, so we can’t fault Legacies for that one. 

The most surprising aspect of The Necromancer’s return is that, in his own way, maybe Malivore was giving him some semblance of peace. Living as a human is not for everyone, but it certainly never crossed Ted’s mind that it could have been the case. 

Chad never seemed to have the capacity to think for himself, so it’s suprising that he might be the one to solve part of the mystery.

Chad has been stuck with Ted for ten months, so we can forgive him for getting frustrated with his captor. I wasn’t all that thrilled about Chad wearing the cloak, though. 

Alyssa: Well, it’s just you.
Hope: Alyssa? What’s all this?
Alyssa: I moved in while you were forgotten, or whatever. Your side’s over there.
Hope: I usually have a single.
Alyssa: Which is what I had until this exact moment. I go to bed at 10, so no late night visitors, and I don’t want ants so no eating in the room. Later, roomie.

It would have served the story better to have another character, perhaps Sheriff Mac or one of the other new additions that season, fill in that role because with Alaric and Hope back at the school, what purpose do she and her kids serve to the narrative?

Ted wants power. There’s no question about that, so it’s no wonder he reopened a Malivore pit in Stefan Salvatore’s crypt. Our dearly departed hero’s crypt should have a magical cloak over it to allow him to rest in peace. 

Now that Ted is bringing other creatures back to help him get some sweet revenge, there has to be another way to close the new portal. I refuse to believe that Hope has to be forgotten all over again to close it. 

The repercussions of her heroic actions continued to echo through “I Couldn’t Have Done This Without You,” but at least her relationships with both Landon and Josie are going from strength to strength. 

Someone once said you can’t go home again. I hope they were wrong.


Teen dramas have a knack for dragging out conflict, so color me surprised when Josie helped Hope reintegrate back into the school by the conclusion of the hour. 

It’s undoubtedly a difficult scenario for anyone. At one point or another, Hope, Landon, and Josie have all had feelings for each other, so trying to navigate things is going to be difficult. At least they’re trying to be mature about it. 

It may be just me, but the relationship between Hope and Josie seems more like a sisterly bond than anything dramatic. That’s why I think it would feel awkward if they did ever become romantic. 

However, this being a show set in The Vampire Diaries Universe, it wouldn’t shock me if they wound up in a throuple with Landon. 

There, I said it!

Another positive from this installment was that Hope name-dropped one of the best characters from The Originals. Vincent was so great, and I would love it if Yusuf Gatewood stopped by for a guest arc. 

As for Sebastian, did anyone else want his story to be told through flashbacks as opposed to words? I get that he was probably lying about most of it, but still, these shows benefit from rich flashbacks. 

Maybe it’s on the cards for down the line, assuming Alaric didn’t kill him. Sebastian has different views about the world than many, but then again, he spent five centuries in a box and had to wake up to a world that included things like TikTok. 

That’s enough to scramble anyone’s brain!

Alaric: Sebastian. Sit. Sebastian, our school was founded to keep supernaturals safe from the world.
Sebastian: My impression is that it exists to keep the world safe from us.
Alaric: It’s a balance. Look, I’m not convinced you belong here. We don’t admit vampires over the age of 17. But, since you’ve been stuck in that coffin, I might make an exception, if you pass our tests. So, today you will spend time with the various factions. The goal is to see if you can control your basic urges.
Sebastian: You know who would be an ideal guide, is your daughter, Elizabeth.
Alaric: You stay away from my daughters. Consider this your one and only warning.
Sebastian: Well, if I’m so dangerous. Who shall be administering this test?
Alaric: The only student who will come back to life if you kill them.

Admittedly, Sebastian munching on the jogger after steering away M.G. from attacking Alyssa was the type of twist we should have seen coming, but Alaric’s reaction to him was the most Alaric he’s been since The Vampire Diaries. 

Having Sebastian around campus is a recipe for disaster. He’s a loose cannon, and being called “Sebastian, The Merciless” in literature is not going to do him any favors. 

My best analysis of Sebastian’s scene saying Alaric couldn’t keep him away from Lizzie was that he knew he might not be able to stop himself and could wind up hurting her. 

That could be why he, a) wanted to die, and b) wanted to be put back in the box. 

Whether Alaric killed or locked him up is open for debate, but something tells me the character will pop up again before long. 

Lizzie doesn’t understand how harmful Sebastian is, so if she learns that any harm has come to him, then she’s going to go crazy at her father. 

Hopefully, Sebastian’s exile allows us to get more from Lizzie and M.G. because they are great together.

Their timely chat about Crisis On Infinite Earths actually fit into the episode very well, I’m embarrassed to admit! 

I wish I could talk about Kaleb or Rafael, but they were, once again, M.I.A. Both characters just disappear for no apparent reason here and there, and it’s frustrating. 

Raf would have been great in the scenes with Landon putting Sebastian through his paces, while Kaleb would have been a perfect confidante for Alaric as he determined what to do with the vampire. 

Okay, Legacies Fanatics!

What did you think of the Necromancer’s return? Are you happy Josie and Hope are playing nice? 

Hit the comments below. 

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