‘New Amsterdam’ Star Jocko Sims on Reynolds’ New Roommate: ‘Good Luck With That’

We’re nearing the end of New Amsterdam (the two-hour series finale airs January 17), and the NBC medical drama is heading into its last break with two big episodes.

The fall finale, with two back-to-back episodes, “The Empty Spaces” and “Don’t Do This for Me,” will see: Dr. Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims) getting creative to help a prospective mother in need; Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) taking a chance with Dr. Elizabeth Wilder (Sandra Mae Frank) and learning a hard truth; Dr. Iggy Frome (Tyler Labine) reaching a decision about Martin (Mike Doyle); Dr. Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery) making an unexpected move forward with her sister (Kathryn Prescott); and Wilder receiving an offer that forces her to choose between her community and her career.

Heading into those episodes, Sims tells us about Reynolds’ relationships with his father (John Earl Jelks) and Gabrielle (Toya Turner).

Reynolds decided to bring his father home with him at the end of the last episode. How’s that going to go?

Jocko Sims: Yeah, good luck with that. You got an older gentleman who’s set in his ways and who suffers from a mental illness and you’ve got the young son who’s trying to rekindle a relationship that — or lack thereof — and who’s also a bachelor. So good luck with that. I think that it’s going to be a lot of fun. Definitely gonna be some drama. It’s gonna be crazy.

Toya Turner and Jocko Sims in 'New Amsterdam'

Cara Howe/NBC

How is Reynolds’ relationship with Gabrielle going? How does he feel about how it’s going?

He treads lightly initially as we see because she’s a traveling nurse and he wants something kind of long term. But I’m glad once again you have a wonderful woman in his life who’s kind of pushing him out of his comfort zone. She’s like, “Hey, I’m here for eight weeks and maybe that’s a good thing. Just keep it light. Let’s have some fun.” And she convinces him. He’s more than likely gonna start falling for her. What does that mean? Where’s that gonna go, Meredith? Where’s it gonna go?

He does not have good luck with love at all.

What are you talking about? It’s been great. [Laughs]

What can you tease about how the fall finale ends?

Something from Dr. Goodwin’s past will reappear and throw him all the way off of his game and his plans.

New Amsterdam, Two-Hour Fall Finale, Tuesday, November 22, 9/8c, NBC

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