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Most of you have probably already watched Yellowstone as it unfolded on Paramount Network over the last five years. But now that CBS is airing the hit drama, the rest of you can finally see what all the fuss has been about — starting with Sunday’s series’ premiere.

Yellowstone changes for cbs

Yellowstone: Every [Bleeping] Change We Should Expect From Its ‘Move’ to CBS This Fall

As the super-sized “Daybreak” got underway, we were quickly introduced to bullheaded Montana rancher John Dutton and his grown kids: ranch hand Lee, legal whiz Jamie, corporate shark Beth and estranged prodigal son Kayce, whose contentious relationship with Dad prompted him to leave his family’s luxe homestead to reside at the Broken Rock Indian Reservation with wife Monica and their little boy, Tate. 

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Almost as soon as the opening credits ended, problems began to arise. First up, developer Dan Jenkins’ plans to build a town called Paradise Valley gave John a headache that was too big to fit under his Stetson. “Progress doesn’t need your permission,” Dan made the mistake of saying. “In this valley, it does,” John replied. So, rather than let Dan’s dam impact the ranch, John had it blown the hell up.

That wasn’t the only “issue” that the Duttons’ widowed patriarch had to resolve, either. After some of his cattle wandered onto the reservation, he was informed that new chief Thomas Rainwater refused to allow its return. Ticked, John sent Lee and his hands to retrieve the livestock under cover of darkness, only to find the Broken Rock Police ready for a fight. In the ensuing melee, Monica’s brother Robert fatally shot Lee, then, trying (in vain) to protect his own brother, Kayce fatally shot Robert!

‘I NOTICE YOU NEVER ASK FOR APPLIANCES WITH YOUR PANTS ON’ | In other developments of note for a first-time viewer, we learned that Beth likes Kayce as much as she loathes Jamie, she has a past (as well as a sexy present) with beefy ranch hand Rip Wheeler, and ex-cons that are put to work on the ranch wear the Yellowstone brand across their chest. Good luck, Jimmy Hurdstrom, ya lunkhead!

So, was this your first time watching? If so, what did you think? And if you rewatched, did you find the premiere to be as good as you remembered? Hit the comments.

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