‘SNL’: Pete Davidson Skewers Celebrity Status, ‘Dune’ In Please Don’t Destroy Music Video Featuring Taylor Swift

Sixteen years after The Lonely Island established SNL Digital Shorts, another comedy trio are making their mark on the NBC sketch program with their digital videos, Please Don’t Destroy.

Ben Marshall, Martin Herlihy and John Higgins, who are writers on SNL, have done a couple of videos this season, including one featuring Rami Malek when he hosted the show that ran online after being cut for time. Tonight, Please Don’t Destroy landed their first marquee slot close to the top of the show for their first collaboration with an SNL star.

Pete Davidson, whose music videos have been highlights on SNL since the start of the pandemic, teamed with Marshall, Herlihy and Higgins for a music-based sketch, which featured tonight’s musical guest Taylor Swift.

In the video, Davidson, a tabloid fixture whose love life is regularly dissected by the gossip sheets, pokes fun at his A-list celebrity status. Marshall, Herlihy and Higgins find themselves the focus of the video as “Three Sad Virgins.” They are not happy about it and try to change the subject to the recent Dune feature remake. That works for a moment, rhyming Zendaya with Playa, until the topic moves back to “Three Sad Virgins,” this time with help from Swift.

Watch the video above.

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