‘SNL’: Selena Gomez Spoofs ‘Old Enough’; Sends Boyfriend Out Like Toddler On Errands

Selena Gomez ended up with bags of onions and makeup multiple shades darker than her skin tone in a hilarious SNL sketch that spoofed Old Enough.

The original Old Enough is a 90s series that hails from Japan shot documentary-style as filmmakers follow toddlers on errands for their parents, which recently began streaming in the U.S. via Netflix.

In the Saturday Night Live sketch remake, instead of sending young children to the store, subjects send out their adult partners with a list of things to buy for them. Gomez plays Kelsey and her long-term boyfriend Matt is played by Mikey Day.

Matt preps for his big trip out into the world with a little help from Kelsey, who gives him everything he needs: a giant water bottle, a messenger bag, and a huge yellow flag emblazoned with the word “Stop.”

Kelsey’s errand requires him to visit Sephora, but he’s quickly overwhelmed with the aisles and aisles of makeup to choose from and he hilariously begins to cry. He gets the job done and moves on to buy some shallots, but he entertains a small distraction by chatting up another boyfriend out and about for his girlfriend, played by Kenan Thompson.

Instead of shallots, however, Matt had a bigger surprise in store for his lady love.

“I’m really proud of him,” says Kelsey. “Last night, I asked him to get me an eyeliner pencil and two shallots and he brought home 10 lbs of onions and a blush palette for African American women, so we should just break up.”

Poor Matt! Kelsey dumps him after 3 years together but nobody can take away the pride he feels after taking on the big city.

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